Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick Swatch

Friday, April 19, 2013
after how many years,i finally got this lipstick! yes i am giddy,happy and contented with red lipsticks for now! lol...this was actually a gift from Mr. R,whenever i visit any mac counter,my first station is always the lipstick racks,and the lipstick that i always swatch is Mac Ruby Woo,im like that whenever i want something and im trying to tell myself "do you really want this?"... i guess Mr.R noticed that...hehe.So to save me the future visits and swatches,he bought me my very own Ruby Woo. yey

 photo 1f3a1472-6b64-4b04-aad1-f6e0c9a46652_zps0a462517.jpg
red retro matte lipstick from mac

 photo 1d036cb5-ef29-480c-857d-ee49d4e5413f_zps4031c1e4.jpg
a closer look on how beautiful this lipstick is..simply gorgeous,and since im a fan of bold and bright lipsticks,i always reach out for this shade even on a regular day,since most days i would go bare face with only my lipstick on,well i admit i sometimes look glammed up even with just this on.

 photo b0df9cf8-a808-422f-8883-d893a9de23c1_zps40795d85.jpg

lip swatch:
 photo 48f10a75-9ef5-4c0d-af66-c907631b2af0_zpsae83f893.jpg
no lip liner.

 photo cfeaaa6f-6b68-42ef-a9d4-b3f3210f6798_zps842fc8b3.jpg

 photo 7970cd56-436e-48bf-8f8a-a671c1e169ab_zps05ebe03a.jpg

 photo 41ccb020-de8c-43f7-bb66-0877cbfd7c25_zpsdaedf194.jpg
you can see how matte this lipstick is on the photo...but with a good lip balm it wont tug your lips as much..before i apply this i make sure that ive scrub my lips off flakes and let my lip balm sink in.

 photo 624f1b61-dda1-438c-b73a-740e71e8db12_zps797e41ff.jpg
here is how it looks like on me (nc20-25) skin tone..this is a very nice red lipstick,and its definitely one of those reds that i always reach out for,most of my reds has this sheen,but Ruby Woo has the most different formula out of all of them..

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6 Beauty Bag Lovers:

kmmyp said...

I like the color! Similar to color of cherries :)

makeupid25 said...

i think i like this better than russian red

Jingke Kolca said...

Looks good on you sis! You know I have the same lippie. Got it over a week ago as ordered from the US thru a friend. DI ko pa na-try. I am currently busy with Lady Danger eh. Sana bagay din sa'kin ang Ruby Woo. Hihi.

Littlebeautybag_camille said...

i want to try lady danger naman..hehe nakakaadik ang red lips

Littlebeautybag_camille said...

me too,russian red for me is too formal or classy.hehe

Littlebeautybag_camille said...

i dont know why but it does look different on me hehe,its a tad muted than most of my reds but brighter...

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