Look Me in the Eyes:Neutral Rose with a hint of Blue

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Another look me in the Eyes post, Neutral Satin Rose,i love this kind of neutral look during summer,it adds warmth without it being overdone,as ive mentioned on my previous post ,i still am not that fond of wearing bright and colorful eyeshadows like i used to before,so i added a pop of color on my waterline,its not that bold and bright but its noticeable enough for me.

 photo 415883fa-2943-43c8-8b30-315486287852_zpsaf8c2fed.jpg
Products Used:
88 neutral Palette
Maybelline Gel Liner
Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes
Styli Style eye liner
in2it Brow Powder

 photo 1118f375-f070-4a93-b20d-c254332a63bc_zpsb3930310.jpg

 photo 28c820a5-fda3-4f25-ba24-45ff6afd0a32_zpsadd181ca.jpg+
see that,i forgot to tight line,that usually happens to me if i don't apply my liner precisely,or if i forgot to tight line

 photo 9ccd9b41-8993-4737-b388-51105a9b830f_zps95b38096.jpg
Of course let's not forget the itsy bitsy wing..

 photo 7095de29-b151-4f2e-bc0a-5ecc5d9d9205_zps1fa6a5ec.jpg

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1 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Nikki said...

Love the hint of blue! I love colored liners talaga for an instant boost of cheery mood!

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