NARS:Gaiety Blush Swatch

Friday, April 26, 2013
So ive noticed that even though i dont wear that much makeup nowadays theres this one blush that i always use whenever i go out,simply because it brightens up my complexion and it doesnt clash with my skintone.I have a few Nars Blushes on my stash,i bought them because of the hype,and im glad i did,because they really are something for an oily gal like me.=D

 photo 35d7b2c9-a89a-4608-b1b6-39fa97265238_zps4700e845.jpg
nars describes it as Bright Candy Pink
Shangri la Mall-Php 1450.00

 photo 2014e431-3e03-4db3-8439-1f91ae2ec86b_zps0802621c.jpg
no blush yet,and yep that's my moms bestida..i love wearing it!oh i miss my pre pregnancy skin..its getting worse each day..pregnancy acne is the worst,cause i cant take any medication oral/topical that truly works,enough about that,moving on =D

 photo 19cb2497-a50d-4d59-a697-10c91a0e55c6_zpsdd4e5f0d.jpg
it actually has micro glitters but not as much as some other blushes that ive seen,and when i have it on,you wont even notice that there is,i guess its only visible on the pan,and oh when you super zoomed it of course.

 photo 03a58213-d08b-4967-8f7e-48641725fa16_zpsfdf23461.jpg

 photo ace83f40-426d-4606-9c97-6737f3c121ab_zps2928704b.jpg
on my cheeks..the red and pink combination makes me look so mestiza,i love it!..anyway all i need is 2-3 swipes to get this much color on my cheeks,i already buffed it out with a clean brush by the way,so imagine how pigmented it is..that's one thing i like about NARS blushes most of the shades that i have are very pigmented.

 photo 156e1b53-8aaa-4412-9e75-d28a12b022d8_zpsa8cf51f2.jpg
and aside from pigmentation they also last pretty damn well...ive tried this on my cousin which is darker than my skin tone,nc40-42ish i guess,and it doesn't show as much on her,so this pretty much works well on lighter skin tones,but hey a visit to the counter and swatches are free,so it wont hurt to give it a try.

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Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick Swatch

Friday, April 19, 2013
after how many years,i finally got this lipstick! yes i am giddy,happy and contented with red lipsticks for now! lol...this was actually a gift from Mr. R,whenever i visit any mac counter,my first station is always the lipstick racks,and the lipstick that i always swatch is Mac Ruby Woo,im like that whenever i want something and im trying to tell myself "do you really want this?"... i guess Mr.R noticed that...hehe.So to save me the future visits and swatches,he bought me my very own Ruby Woo. yey

 photo 1f3a1472-6b64-4b04-aad1-f6e0c9a46652_zps0a462517.jpg
red retro matte lipstick from mac

 photo 1d036cb5-ef29-480c-857d-ee49d4e5413f_zps4031c1e4.jpg
a closer look on how beautiful this lipstick is..simply gorgeous,and since im a fan of bold and bright lipsticks,i always reach out for this shade even on a regular day,since most days i would go bare face with only my lipstick on,well i admit i sometimes look glammed up even with just this on.

 photo b0df9cf8-a808-422f-8883-d893a9de23c1_zps40795d85.jpg

lip swatch:
 photo 48f10a75-9ef5-4c0d-af66-c907631b2af0_zpsae83f893.jpg
no lip liner.

 photo cfeaaa6f-6b68-42ef-a9d4-b3f3210f6798_zps842fc8b3.jpg

 photo 7970cd56-436e-48bf-8f8a-a671c1e169ab_zps05ebe03a.jpg

 photo 41ccb020-de8c-43f7-bb66-0877cbfd7c25_zpsdaedf194.jpg
you can see how matte this lipstick is on the photo...but with a good lip balm it wont tug your lips as much..before i apply this i make sure that ive scrub my lips off flakes and let my lip balm sink in.

 photo 624f1b61-dda1-438c-b73a-740e71e8db12_zps797e41ff.jpg
here is how it looks like on me (nc20-25) skin tone..this is a very nice red lipstick,and its definitely one of those reds that i always reach out for,most of my reds has this sheen,but Ruby Woo has the most different formula out of all of them..

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Look Me in the Eyes:Neutral Rose with a hint of Blue

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Another look me in the Eyes post, Neutral Satin Rose,i love this kind of neutral look during summer,it adds warmth without it being overdone,as ive mentioned on my previous post ,i still am not that fond of wearing bright and colorful eyeshadows like i used to before,so i added a pop of color on my waterline,its not that bold and bright but its noticeable enough for me.

 photo 415883fa-2943-43c8-8b30-315486287852_zpsaf8c2fed.jpg
Products Used:
88 neutral Palette
Maybelline Gel Liner
Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes
Styli Style eye liner
in2it Brow Powder

 photo 1118f375-f070-4a93-b20d-c254332a63bc_zpsb3930310.jpg

 photo 28c820a5-fda3-4f25-ba24-45ff6afd0a32_zpsadd181ca.jpg+
see that,i forgot to tight line,that usually happens to me if i don't apply my liner precisely,or if i forgot to tight line

 photo 9ccd9b41-8993-4737-b388-51105a9b830f_zps95b38096.jpg
Of course let's not forget the itsy bitsy wing..

 photo 7095de29-b151-4f2e-bc0a-5ecc5d9d9205_zps1fa6a5ec.jpg

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took out my 88 neutral palette and decided to perk up my eyes a bit...i really miss putting on some eyeshadows,i dont know why i stopped,maybe because since i dont wear foundations as much,since my skin began to act up on me,its a no no for me to perk up my eyes without evening out my skin tone,it just looks weird.

 photo d6df9189-2233-4e7e-a976-5829a4dc950c_zps403e05f1.jpg
Products Used:
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad as Taupe
Mac Alittlefolie
Milani Earthly Delights Palette(the Greenish Gold highlight)
88 Neutral Palette
Maybelline Gel Liner
Fashion 21 White Pencil
Loreal Million lashes Voluminous Mascara

 photo dcbefda5-46c4-4241-9dcf-08947e1fcdfb_zps46b3a036.jpg
if its a little dark for your taste you can change the shade that i applied on my outer eye area which is Mac Alittlefolie

 photo 92ef3787-ae9a-420b-bd68-4abbe80fb0e4_zps9c98db3d.jpg

 photo 06bff3da-da1d-47a9-8dac-57938f60a24e_zpsd3690eaa.jpg
its not everyday that i get to prettify my eyes and use eye shadows,although i still haven't got the guts to wear colorful and bright eye shadows again,i remember that whenever we go out,my eye shadow picks were always greens.blues,violets and pinks,that was 3-4 years ago,i guess im getting old huh?.

 photo 3f20bc5f-7c17-4953-8536-99d0217ed2ae_zps5385c63c.jpg

 photo 8d2bdcd4-860f-46d1-93b0-655c39f638b9_zps609accc8.jpg
products used:
Kryolan dermacolor concealer in D4
Shiseido Powder Foundation
Mac Love Goddess Lipstick

 photo 0208d0d6-8fee-43ad-bc8f-aa954158acfd_zpsb37d4ba3.jpg
in the end i tried blending the warm brown shade a little high up so that when i open my eyes i would still be able to see some color,i guess i blended a tad higher than expected.=)

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