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Friday, February 22, 2013
i dont have that much nude lipstick in ymy stash,i am so inlove with my bold shades that whenever i want something simple sorta like my lips but better,i always reach out for my lipgloss or tints,when i go on a meeting may it be on my son's school or business i noticed that i wear bright lipsticks most of the time,so asked MR.Google,and found this lipstick from Mac.

DSCN7093_zps65a4c561 photo DSCN7093_zps65a4c561-1_zpsd0aeeea7.jpg
first of all as ive mentioned i was looking for a Nude-ish lipstick...and thought that i should look on the list that ive googled,i have :Mac Angel(frost),Creme D Nude,Honey Love ,Blankety and the list goes on.

 photo DSCN7114_zps8a4e70e8.jpg
ive settled with creme cup..why? came to me as a nice nude that leans on the pink side,not the baby pink kind of light,its a cremesheen,and it looks nice when i googled it (LOL)

DSCN7092_zps4795b8ea photo DSCN7092_zps4795b8ea-1_zps82abfee2.jpg
up close yes theres some specks of shimmers but totally not noticeable.

DSCN7096_zpsb5438005 photo DSCN7096_zpsb5438005-1_zpsca479a34.jpg
looks a lil coral-ish dont you think?or its just me.

DSCN7097_zps9bc09923 photo DSCN7097_zps9bc09923-1_zpsac10bd80.jpg
no flash.

lip swatch:
RSCN6712_zpse9451122 photo RSCN6712_zpse9451122-1_zps2cbce61c.jpg
i have dry lips,chappy most of the time,so it sometimes accentuates my lip lines and as you can see i have some extra skin bulging on my lips.

RSCN6713_zpsfe2fc870-1_zpsc5503e97 photo RSCN6713_zpsfe2fc870-1_zpsc5503e97-1_zpsd8f5bf23.jpg

DSCN6655_zpsd050c6dd photo DSCN6655_zpsd050c6dd-1_zpsf303325f.jpg

DSCN6651_zpsc02bba5a photo DSCN6651_zpsc02bba5a-1_zps191adc4f.jpg
need to include this as well just to show creme cups finish..glossy =D

 photo DSCN6176_zps5a12885d.jpg
nice everyday shade. but there are times that this shade looks odd on me.

 this has medium pigmentation,very easy to apply due to its cremesheen finish.

Subtle vanilla scent

black bullet size with multi colored shimmers

available through Mac Store(trinoma,Moa,shangri la)

Great for those:
great for those with medium skintones,but it still depends on how pigmented your lips is,i have quite pigmented pink-ish lips,my cousin whose lips are a tad purplish than mine looks weird when she has this its best to visit your local Mac store and test it out.

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