Swatch/Comparison :Mac Candy Yum Yum and Barry M's Vibrant Pink

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Swatch swatch swatch!been looking for this lipstick for almost a year!!but im glad that,finally i got my own CYY,i love love love my Bold Lipstick so when i first saw this i didnt hesitate,but its always out of stock,its better late than never anyways Lol.

 photo DSCN6221_zps79effc20.jpg

described as Bright Pink;MATTE Formula
 photo 19094_512193348825937_1218017268_n_zps1b756da0.jpg
candy yum yum lipstick on different lighting

 photo 16830_512151942163411_1581976257_n_zps0af24acd.jpg
side by side comparison with Barry M vibrant Pink,excuse my well loved and battered Barry M lipstick

 photo 312465_512193128825959_11098502_n_zpsc738d90e.jpg
just by looking,i can definitely see the difference in terms of finish


 photo 397695_512193238825948_901627961_n_zps2946d47e.jpg
Guess which is which?

 photo 72207_512193188825953_139366667_n_zps4084c8bb.jpg

 photo 312465_512193128825959_11098502_n_zpsc738d90e.jpg
Mac Candy yum yum is on top and Barry M Vibrant pink is at the Bottom..

 photo 553114_512193298825942_1801868861_n_zps36328458.jpg
for me they're almost exactly the same shade,but as ive mentioned,their finish isnt as close,i heard that there is another Barry M that looks more like CYY than vibrant pink so you might check that out as well if youre looking for CYY dupe,also this baby will soon be on their permanent line!!correct me pls if im wrong. =D

RSCN7211_zpsf735ccef photo RSCN7211_zpsf735ccef-1_zps35612977.jpg
a dab of CYY

 photo DSCN6363_zps13669c8b.jpg
candy yum yum after 4-5 hours already ate,true it leaves a stain.

Pigmented Creamy Matte,a little dry since the formula is matte

Subtle vanilla scent

black bullet size with multi colored shimmers

i bought mine at

Great for those:
who wants bold bright and loud pink lips

Instagram: @littlebeautybag

2 Beauty Bag Lovers:

CharryReyes said...

love it! and it looks gorgeous on you! permanent na ba ang shade na to sa mac? or limited edition lang?

Littlebeautybag_camille said...

Thanks charry,nakakabata diba,ive heard na kasama na daw siya sa permanent linr pero malamang di pa dito satin yun hehr

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