OCC Lip Tar in Stalker

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
So ill try to hold on my skin updates or my skin woes post,who likes to look at my messed up skin anyways huh?,instead lets go back to LIPS! =D im a sucker for lipsticks,if im gonna have to choose between a blush and a lipstick ill prolly go with lipstick!,i dont know why,i guess i just do?! *winks*

ive been searching for my perfect red lipstick when i bought this,ive read a lot of review about how great this shade is so i decided to grab one.
DSCN6033_zpsf5201681 photo DSCN6033_zpsf5201681-1_zps27a83fb6.jpg
temptalia described it as dark blood red

DSCN6024_zps06ba8c59 photo DSCN6024_zps06ba8c59-1_zps659383a2.jpg
no flash dark lighting

DSCN6023_zps1e5a1c01 photo DSCN6023_zps1e5a1c01-1_zps2bccf5bd.jpg
with flash.

DSCN6022_zps2899fe29-1_zpsf12e9991 photo DSCN6022_zps2899fe29-1_zpsf12e9991-1_zps74db411e.jpg
different angle.

now this shade is very flatters my skin,i love that its a cool toned red lipstick,it makes my skin look fresh and brighter,some red lipsticks makes me look older,and this isnt one of em.

DSCN3396_zpsf1841f18 photo DSCN3396_zpsf1841f18-1_zpsc90acd1b.jpg
and since this is an OCC liptar you dont need a lot to get the right pigmentation,if i want to have a sheerer tone than this i just simple swab a small amount on the tube and dab it on my lips..

DSCN3394_zpsa244a2a9 photo DSCN3394_zpsa244a2a9-1_zps315ef977.jpg

 photo DSCN3549_zps7e6d5818.jpg
after 5 hours on the road..had my breakfast,and lunch drank tons of water and its still kicking.

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