Mild Chemical Peels that ive tried,Preview:

Friday, February 15, 2013
hello ladies~another skin update and a service review for you guys,so its been like 2 months or so since my very first chemical peel,im used to salicylic peels,but then decided to try glycolic,anyway before i move on with my experience im going to give a little info about chemical peels and such,well at least how i understand them,i did a lot of research before i gave in with chemical peels,so ive picked up a few infos about them .

there are different kind of chemical peels but im only going for the milder ones that ive already tried,so here goes:

This Peels are also Called Lunch Time Peels as they dont give you as much peeling if compared to TCA and Jessners,i myself dont experience any noticeable peeling not unless i leave them more than the recommended time which is BAD =D

lets start with

Salicylic Acid Peel-(betahydroxy acid)
We're used to seeing skin care products with salicylic acid to combat acne,the highest that ive seen so far is just 2% on my Natures Gate Salicylic Treatment..facial washes ranges from 0.5 up to 2%..and this doesnt work for my cystic acne, a peel form?? that's a different story.

For me this is one of the famous Superficial peels out there,the concentration that ive seen ranges from 15-20% ,20% being the most popular choice.Salicylic Acid is also Oil Soluble,that means it can penetrate the outside layer of the skin,that is why this is also called an Acne Peel,ive also read that since this is an Oil Soluble Peel it will not be able to penetrate deep into the dermis since its made up mostly of water,remember Oils and Water repels one another..My very first Peel,ive tried atleast 3-5 sessions of this peel and my skin loves it..My Peel of choice if im breaking out with cystic and pustules.

Its good For?
Acne Prone Skin(cystic,pustules papules),Oily skin!,sensitive skin,those with large pores,mild hyperpigmentation,blackheads.

Glycolic Acid Peel-(alpha Hydroxy Acid)
its known to stimulate collagen production and is one of the famous Superficial Peels,it has small molecules allowing it to go beneath the epidermis' collagen fiber,also used to accelerate the exfoliation process ,concentration ranges from 25% up to 75% or even higher!..tried the 35% one and i like it! this is my peel of choice if i want to lighten scars and even out my skins texture and tone.

Good For?
those who wants to even out tone and texture,scar lightening,fine lines and wrinkles

Lactic Acid Peel(alpha Hydroxy Acid)
 also known as Fruit Peel,and works on the skins surface,its a good choice for those who are not yet ready to try the Glycolic and Salicylic peels,i was supposed to try this first but since my main concern is my cystic break outs i went for the Salicylic Peel.Lactic Acid pulls the moisture in to the cells,we also have our bodys own lactic acid which helps us moisturize our skin,so far in terms of the Concentration lowest that ive seen is 30% highest is 70%..this peel is a lot milder if im going to compare it to Salicylic and Glycolic,it helps plump up my skin and evened out its texture..

Good For?
Dry Skin,Sensitive Skin,evening out Skin tone and texture,skin lightening,

Of course same as to other treatments you need to get a minimum session for you to see its full effect however ive noticed some improvements in just 2 sessions of Salicylic Peel,it still depends on your skins condition and how well ones skin can tolerate the product.

Things that ive Considered:
1.Asked my Dermatologist(just to narrow down the options)
2.Get some info's, research research research!
3.Look for some Reviews online/forums
4.Consulted my dermatologist again and laid out my own options,let her know that you've done your research,so that both of you can agree on the best peel that is suited for your skin,you know your skin best.

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