Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe/Pomegranate Punk

Saturday, February 02, 2013

i mentioned im going to make another post about Maybelline Color Tattoos,in total i only have 4 shades and ive already shown you guys the first 2 ones(click here) ,now these two sounds Badass,(lol yeah i just noticed that while im writing this post) so without further adieu here's TOUGH as taupe and Pomegranate PUNK.

DSCN6963_zps69e3649c photo DSCN6963_zps69e3649c-1_zps02c631a8.jpg
left-Taugh as Taupe Right-Pomegranate Punk

DSCN6964_zps98cd8778 photo DSCN6964_zps98cd8778-1_zps4fbfb838.jpg
Tough as Taupe,yeah it is taupe,its grey-ish with a tinged of brown and hmm blue i guess, there's many kinds of taupes but they do differ in some ways,Pomegranate Punk hmm,ill describe it as a deep cranberry shade with some shimmer or frost in it.Im no good with naming shades so i think ill just stick with that haha.

lez get down to zwatches!:
DSCN6740_zps02d79451 photo DSCN6740_zps02d79451-1_zpsdbc60ef5.jpg
this ones very easy to apply,its opaque maybe because it doesnt have shimmers unlike the other ones that i own.

 photo DSCN6961_zpsa430728a.jpg
pretty color dont you think...

heres Tough as Taupe on my lids
DSCN6730_zps1c43515c photo DSCN6730_zps1c43515c-1_zps7f43291b.jpg

DSCN6736_zps0eb4c13a photo DSCN6736_zps0eb4c13a-1_zpsc783c3f1.jpg

tough as taupe with a hint of Pomegranate punk on the outer edge:
 photo RSCN6866_zps57bdd49d.jpg

just going to post the same thing as to my previous one:

in terms of how long they last...well,for a Drugstore Brand they are above average,ive worn this without a primer by itself and it lasted,i think its 5 hours hours without creasing,we just went out for a movie.

Color Pay Off..the shades that i got both have great pigmentation,and they transfer quite well.

If im going to compare them to my Paintpots yes they are both long lasting,however in formulation,i think they're not the same,Mac PP are a lot lighter and creamier when applied compared to Maybelline Color Tattoo,atleast the ones that i got,and ive noticed that once they were left untouched (maybellines) they form,its like the top part are drying so it solidify,but you can still use them just work your fingers in and warm it up,but that doesnt happen to my Mac PP.

Creamy,but as ive mentioned they do have this tendency to form,sort of like the top part is drying,that happens when i dont use them that much.


0.14oz 4 g

clear glass type twist cap packaging.

Rite Aid( where my MIL bought it)

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