Lights and Purples

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
just want to share this look for you guys,great combination of purple and silvery blue eyeshadow or any light shimmery eyeshadow will do ,it will depend on how intense you want your look to be and how you blend the shadows.

DSCN7137_zpsc6b387f8 photo DSCN7137_zpsc6b387f8-1_zps829fe483.jpg
finally,Falsies! yey!

RSCN7175_zps94b9082a photo RSCN7175_zps94b9082a-1_zpsa26e00cc.jpg
gives the face a pop of color makes it look brighter.

tons of eyeshots: =D

RSCN7173_zps50d24735 photo RSCN7173_zps50d24735-1_zps0c93b980.jpg
products used:
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool (swatch here)
sephora eyeshadow in aspen
Purple eyeshadow from 88 Matte Palette.
Maybelline eyestudio Black liner
Full strip Falsies
Maybelline Gel liner

DSCN7130_zps8d236f07 photo DSCN7130_zps8d236f07-1_zpsfe160f05.jpg
Brows are from in2it and Mac Girlboy

DSCN7132_zps99d201a2 photo DSCN7132_zps99d201a2-1_zps8e9b8813.jpg

DSCN7135_zps4f612446 photo DSCN7135_zps4f612446-1_zps168123ff.jpg

DSCN7133_zpsdfb979f5 photo DSCN7133_zpsdfb979f5-1_zps3f8ca6f8.jpg

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