Forever Flawless: Glycolic Acid Peel 35%

Sunday, February 17, 2013
so last two or three weeks ago i went to flawless to get a Glycolic Peel,ive tried their Mesoestic Salicylic Acid Peel before and ive seen results in an instant,but i wanted to try a peel that targets acne marks and to enhance the texture of my skin,so i decided that instead of Salicylic ill go for Glycolic this time..

Mild Chemical Peels that ive tried Preview

 photo DSCN7085_zps3511c7b2.jpg
their peel..Mesoestic Glycolic Peel,each peel costs Php 1500.00,they only need a small amount of that product so they're not gonna use the whole bottle for one peel,if that's what youre thinking.

DSCN7075_zps09a383f6 photo DSCN7075_zps09a383f6-1_zps91d543dc.jpg
before the peel..i dont know why but the flash washes how dark my marks are,they look lighter here.

so anyway before i went there,i washed my face with Cetaphil to remove any makeup residue,but they'll wash your face anyway before they start the procedure..

waiting for my flash...

 photo DSCN7082_zpsb977c223.jpg
not as bad eh?well i really hope it looks that way in person.

 photo DSCN7081_zps1e8a9d5a.jpg
the procedure took atleast 6-8 minutes,you will feel a slight burning sensation but its very tolerable for me,the dermatologist will inform you how long the peel should be left,in my case 3-5 minutes,then they neutralized it by spraying something cold which intensifies the stinging but went down in just a few seconds..

 photo DSCN7090_zps2acd76e4.jpg
there,see how red my marks are...anyway that's normal it also happened on my Salicylic peel but after a day or two it will die down.

DSCN7089_zps4edf1611 photo DSCN7089_zps4edf1611-1_zpsaed207b8.jpg
i actually love my skin after a few days Mr.R noticed it as well the marks have decreased in pigmentation and the bumps arent as big as they were,however its still a work in progress,so ill give you an update on that,by the way this was already after i finished 3 sessions of Salicylic Peel although i dont usually get them everyother week as per the recommendation of the doctor,i sometimes miss a week or get them once a month...

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