Swatch/Comparison :Mac Candy Yum Yum and Barry M's Vibrant Pink

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Swatch swatch swatch!been looking for this lipstick for almost a year!!but im glad that,finally i got my own CYY,i love love love my Bold Lipstick so when i first saw this i didnt hesitate,but its always out of stock,its better late than never anyways Lol.

 photo DSCN6221_zps79effc20.jpg

described as Bright Pink;MATTE Formula
 photo 19094_512193348825937_1218017268_n_zps1b756da0.jpg
candy yum yum lipstick on different lighting

 photo 16830_512151942163411_1581976257_n_zps0af24acd.jpg
side by side comparison with Barry M vibrant Pink,excuse my well loved and battered Barry M lipstick

 photo 312465_512193128825959_11098502_n_zpsc738d90e.jpg
just by looking,i can definitely see the difference in terms of finish


 photo 397695_512193238825948_901627961_n_zps2946d47e.jpg
Guess which is which?

 photo 72207_512193188825953_139366667_n_zps4084c8bb.jpg

 photo 312465_512193128825959_11098502_n_zpsc738d90e.jpg
Mac Candy yum yum is on top and Barry M Vibrant pink is at the Bottom..

 photo 553114_512193298825942_1801868861_n_zps36328458.jpg
for me they're almost exactly the same shade,but as ive mentioned,their finish isnt as close,i heard that there is another Barry M that looks more like CYY than vibrant pink so you might check that out as well if youre looking for CYY dupe,also this baby will soon be on their permanent line!!correct me pls if im wrong. =D

RSCN7211_zpsf735ccef photo RSCN7211_zpsf735ccef-1_zps35612977.jpg
a dab of CYY

 photo DSCN6363_zps13669c8b.jpg
candy yum yum after 4-5 hours already ate,true it leaves a stain.

Pigmented Creamy Matte,a little dry since the formula is matte

Subtle vanilla scent

black bullet size with multi colored shimmers

i bought mine at

Great for those:
who wants bold bright and loud pink lips

Instagram: @littlebeautybag
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Swatch:Mac Creme Cup

Friday, February 22, 2013
i dont have that much nude lipstick in ymy stash,i am so inlove with my bold shades that whenever i want something simple sorta like my lips but better,i always reach out for my lipgloss or tints,when i go on a meeting may it be on my son's school or business i noticed that i wear bright lipsticks most of the time,so asked MR.Google,and found this lipstick from Mac.

DSCN7093_zps65a4c561 photo DSCN7093_zps65a4c561-1_zpsd0aeeea7.jpg
first of all as ive mentioned i was looking for a Nude-ish lipstick...and thought that i should look on the list that ive googled,i have :Mac Angel(frost),Creme D Nude,Honey Love ,Blankety and the list goes on.

 photo DSCN7114_zps8a4e70e8.jpg
ive settled with creme cup..why? came to me as a nice nude that leans on the pink side,not the baby pink kind of light,its a cremesheen,and it looks nice when i googled it (LOL)

DSCN7092_zps4795b8ea photo DSCN7092_zps4795b8ea-1_zps82abfee2.jpg
up close yes theres some specks of shimmers but totally not noticeable.

DSCN7096_zpsb5438005 photo DSCN7096_zpsb5438005-1_zpsca479a34.jpg
looks a lil coral-ish dont you think?or its just me.

DSCN7097_zps9bc09923 photo DSCN7097_zps9bc09923-1_zpsac10bd80.jpg
no flash.

lip swatch:
RSCN6712_zpse9451122 photo RSCN6712_zpse9451122-1_zps2cbce61c.jpg
i have dry lips,chappy most of the time,so it sometimes accentuates my lip lines and as you can see i have some extra skin bulging on my lips.

RSCN6713_zpsfe2fc870-1_zpsc5503e97 photo RSCN6713_zpsfe2fc870-1_zpsc5503e97-1_zpsd8f5bf23.jpg

DSCN6655_zpsd050c6dd photo DSCN6655_zpsd050c6dd-1_zpsf303325f.jpg

DSCN6651_zpsc02bba5a photo DSCN6651_zpsc02bba5a-1_zps191adc4f.jpg
need to include this as well just to show creme cups finish..glossy =D

 photo DSCN6176_zps5a12885d.jpg
nice everyday shade. but there are times that this shade looks odd on me.

 this has medium pigmentation,very easy to apply due to its cremesheen finish.

Subtle vanilla scent

black bullet size with multi colored shimmers

available through Mac Store(trinoma,Moa,shangri la)

Great for those:
great for those with medium skintones,but it still depends on how pigmented your lips is,i have quite pigmented pink-ish lips,my cousin whose lips are a tad purplish than mine looks weird when she has this its best to visit your local Mac store and test it out.

Instagram: @littlebeautybag
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OCC Lip Tar in Stalker

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
So ill try to hold on my skin updates or my skin woes post,who likes to look at my messed up skin anyways huh?,instead lets go back to LIPS! =D im a sucker for lipsticks,if im gonna have to choose between a blush and a lipstick ill prolly go with lipstick!,i dont know why,i guess i just do?! *winks*

ive been searching for my perfect red lipstick when i bought this,ive read a lot of review about how great this shade is so i decided to grab one.
DSCN6033_zpsf5201681 photo DSCN6033_zpsf5201681-1_zps27a83fb6.jpg
temptalia described it as dark blood red

DSCN6024_zps06ba8c59 photo DSCN6024_zps06ba8c59-1_zps659383a2.jpg
no flash dark lighting

DSCN6023_zps1e5a1c01 photo DSCN6023_zps1e5a1c01-1_zps2bccf5bd.jpg
with flash.

DSCN6022_zps2899fe29-1_zpsf12e9991 photo DSCN6022_zps2899fe29-1_zpsf12e9991-1_zps74db411e.jpg
different angle.

now this shade is very flatters my skin,i love that its a cool toned red lipstick,it makes my skin look fresh and brighter,some red lipsticks makes me look older,and this isnt one of em.

DSCN3396_zpsf1841f18 photo DSCN3396_zpsf1841f18-1_zpsc90acd1b.jpg
and since this is an OCC liptar you dont need a lot to get the right pigmentation,if i want to have a sheerer tone than this i just simple swab a small amount on the tube and dab it on my lips..

DSCN3394_zpsa244a2a9 photo DSCN3394_zpsa244a2a9-1_zps315ef977.jpg

 photo DSCN3549_zps7e6d5818.jpg
after 5 hours on the road..had my breakfast,and lunch drank tons of water and its still kicking.

other OCC Liptar swatches:

Instagram: @littlebeautybag
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Forever Flawless: Glycolic Acid Peel 35%

Sunday, February 17, 2013
so last two or three weeks ago i went to flawless to get a Glycolic Peel,ive tried their Mesoestic Salicylic Acid Peel before and ive seen results in an instant,but i wanted to try a peel that targets acne marks and to enhance the texture of my skin,so i decided that instead of Salicylic ill go for Glycolic this time..

Mild Chemical Peels that ive tried Preview

 photo DSCN7085_zps3511c7b2.jpg
their peel..Mesoestic Glycolic Peel,each peel costs Php 1500.00,they only need a small amount of that product so they're not gonna use the whole bottle for one peel,if that's what youre thinking.

DSCN7075_zps09a383f6 photo DSCN7075_zps09a383f6-1_zps91d543dc.jpg
before the peel..i dont know why but the flash washes how dark my marks are,they look lighter here.

so anyway before i went there,i washed my face with Cetaphil to remove any makeup residue,but they'll wash your face anyway before they start the procedure..

waiting for my flash...

 photo DSCN7082_zpsb977c223.jpg
not as bad eh?well i really hope it looks that way in person.

 photo DSCN7081_zps1e8a9d5a.jpg
the procedure took atleast 6-8 minutes,you will feel a slight burning sensation but its very tolerable for me,the dermatologist will inform you how long the peel should be left,in my case 3-5 minutes,then they neutralized it by spraying something cold which intensifies the stinging but went down in just a few seconds..

 photo DSCN7090_zps2acd76e4.jpg
there,see how red my marks are...anyway that's normal it also happened on my Salicylic peel but after a day or two it will die down.

DSCN7089_zps4edf1611 photo DSCN7089_zps4edf1611-1_zpsaed207b8.jpg
i actually love my skin after a few days Mr.R noticed it as well the marks have decreased in pigmentation and the bumps arent as big as they were,however its still a work in progress,so ill give you an update on that,by the way this was already after i finished 3 sessions of Salicylic Peel although i dont usually get them everyother week as per the recommendation of the doctor,i sometimes miss a week or get them once a month...

Instagram: @littlebeautybag
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Mild Chemical Peels that ive tried,Preview:

Friday, February 15, 2013
hello ladies~another skin update and a service review for you guys,so its been like 2 months or so since my very first chemical peel,im used to salicylic peels,but then decided to try glycolic,anyway before i move on with my experience im going to give a little info about chemical peels and such,well at least how i understand them,i did a lot of research before i gave in with chemical peels,so ive picked up a few infos about them .

there are different kind of chemical peels but im only going for the milder ones that ive already tried,so here goes:

This Peels are also Called Lunch Time Peels as they dont give you as much peeling if compared to TCA and Jessners,i myself dont experience any noticeable peeling not unless i leave them more than the recommended time which is BAD =D

lets start with

Salicylic Acid Peel-(betahydroxy acid)
We're used to seeing skin care products with salicylic acid to combat acne,the highest that ive seen so far is just 2% on my Natures Gate Salicylic Treatment..facial washes ranges from 0.5 up to 2%..and this doesnt work for my cystic acne, a peel form?? that's a different story.

For me this is one of the famous Superficial peels out there,the concentration that ive seen ranges from 15-20% ,20% being the most popular choice.Salicylic Acid is also Oil Soluble,that means it can penetrate the outside layer of the skin,that is why this is also called an Acne Peel,ive also read that since this is an Oil Soluble Peel it will not be able to penetrate deep into the dermis since its made up mostly of water,remember Oils and Water repels one another..My very first Peel,ive tried atleast 3-5 sessions of this peel and my skin loves it..My Peel of choice if im breaking out with cystic and pustules.

Its good For?
Acne Prone Skin(cystic,pustules papules),Oily skin!,sensitive skin,those with large pores,mild hyperpigmentation,blackheads.

Glycolic Acid Peel-(alpha Hydroxy Acid)
its known to stimulate collagen production and is one of the famous Superficial Peels,it has small molecules allowing it to go beneath the epidermis' collagen fiber,also used to accelerate the exfoliation process ,concentration ranges from 25% up to 75% or even higher!..tried the 35% one and i like it! this is my peel of choice if i want to lighten scars and even out my skins texture and tone.

Good For?
those who wants to even out tone and texture,scar lightening,fine lines and wrinkles

Lactic Acid Peel(alpha Hydroxy Acid)
 also known as Fruit Peel,and works on the skins surface,its a good choice for those who are not yet ready to try the Glycolic and Salicylic peels,i was supposed to try this first but since my main concern is my cystic break outs i went for the Salicylic Peel.Lactic Acid pulls the moisture in to the cells,we also have our bodys own lactic acid which helps us moisturize our skin,so far in terms of the Concentration lowest that ive seen is 30% highest is 70%..this peel is a lot milder if im going to compare it to Salicylic and Glycolic,it helps plump up my skin and evened out its texture..

Good For?
Dry Skin,Sensitive Skin,evening out Skin tone and texture,skin lightening,

Of course same as to other treatments you need to get a minimum session for you to see its full effect however ive noticed some improvements in just 2 sessions of Salicylic Peel,it still depends on your skins condition and how well ones skin can tolerate the product.

Things that ive Considered:
1.Asked my Dermatologist(just to narrow down the options)
2.Get some info's, research research research!
3.Look for some Reviews online/forums
4.Consulted my dermatologist again and laid out my own options,let her know that you've done your research,so that both of you can agree on the best peel that is suited for your skin,you know your skin best.

Instagram: @littlebeautybag

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Lights and Purples

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
just want to share this look for you guys,great combination of purple and silvery blue eyeshadow or any light shimmery eyeshadow will do ,it will depend on how intense you want your look to be and how you blend the shadows.

DSCN7137_zpsc6b387f8 photo DSCN7137_zpsc6b387f8-1_zps829fe483.jpg
finally,Falsies! yey!

RSCN7175_zps94b9082a photo RSCN7175_zps94b9082a-1_zpsa26e00cc.jpg
gives the face a pop of color makes it look brighter.

tons of eyeshots: =D

RSCN7173_zps50d24735 photo RSCN7173_zps50d24735-1_zps0c93b980.jpg
products used:
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool (swatch here)
sephora eyeshadow in aspen
Purple eyeshadow from 88 Matte Palette.
Maybelline eyestudio Black liner
Full strip Falsies
Maybelline Gel liner

DSCN7130_zps8d236f07 photo DSCN7130_zps8d236f07-1_zpsfe160f05.jpg
Brows are from in2it and Mac Girlboy

DSCN7132_zps99d201a2 photo DSCN7132_zps99d201a2-1_zps8e9b8813.jpg

DSCN7135_zps4f612446 photo DSCN7135_zps4f612446-1_zps168123ff.jpg

DSCN7133_zpsdfb979f5 photo DSCN7133_zpsdfb979f5-1_zps3f8ca6f8.jpg

Instagram: @littlebeautybag

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Look for the Day Pa-sweet Punk

Wednesday, February 06, 2013
january is out,and the love month is in!! =D ,alright so,i made a post about Maybelline Color Tattoos,and so i thought that i should show you some looks wearing them as well.

 photo DSCN6882_zpsdce6683b.jpg
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk!

DSCN6937_zps24e5082b photo DSCN6937_zps24e5082b-1_zpsc6db2df3.jpg
products used:
Bourjois Healthy Mixed Serum Foundation 53(click here for review)
Chanel Mat Lumiere Luminous Powder 50
Nars Silvana Blush
Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Concealer D4
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Apricot(click here)

DSCN6927_zps5c5baf40 photo DSCN6927_zps5c5baf40-1_zpsf5c4d782.jpg
i like how clean my nail polish looks,so im showing it to you,lol,usually when i do my own nails it comes out as a disaster.

DSCN6904_zpsbf1773f7 photo DSCN6904_zpsbf1773f7-1_zps28432253.jpg
i love Kryolans concealer,they perfectly hides my pimples and marks -_-

RSCN7026_zps37d122e0 photo RSCN7026_zps37d122e0-1_zpsaa525177.jpg

 photo RSCN7002_zps6973986d.jpg
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk(lids)
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool(highlight)
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Taugh as Taupe(a small amount on the outer upper crease line)
Maybelline Pen Liner
Black eyeshadow(for the lower lash line)
Maybelline eyestudio Pencil in White.
Half Falsies
Loreal voluminous Million Lashes Mascara(review here)

 photo DSCN6874_zps9a4c9bb3.jpg
eyebrows in2it and Mac GirlBoy =D

Instagram: @littlebeautybag

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Yabu:House Of Katsu.

Sunday, February 03, 2013
Alright so ive been hearing a lot of raves about Yabu,a few bloggers had been invited or was given the chance to eat at Yabu a few months back and i saw their posts about it,and of course wished that i was one of them (LOL) yeah i like food that much!.. unfortunately it was out of our way,not until SM Mall of Asia's Yabu opened its doors last November if im not mistaken.

We decided to try Yabu last week since,i want me some premium katsu,and ive been craving for some salmon ! =D

Manga on the Wall..Really?how cute is that. i know for a fact that my husband likes to read manga and so as expected he knows the story more than i.

sakes maybe?

so we were seated,after a few minutes, one of their staff asked us if were already familiar with Yabus Tradition,i just dont know if i heard him right.. hehe.anyways we told him it was our first,so he explained everything on our table,

that there (farthest left side)is some special salt(lol) im bad at picking up things,pepper some chili and on the farthest right is the Katsu sauce that you'll need to mix with the  sesame seed.

Grind your Sesame Seeds.Let all your frustrations out and Grind,haha.

Pour the Katsu Sauce,two scoops is fine. then mix =D

when we got the Food,(took less than 15 mins) we were like...okay how to eat this... Mr.R made a side comment saying "hirap pag nakakabobo ang food" lol..cause he was looking for something to push to dispense the dressing,he tried tapping it but nothing came i had to ask someone from Yabu...he said "they just refilled the dressing"  so,it just needs some hard tapping..=D we just smiled,and said "aaaah,yun pala" =D

SEAFOOD PLATTER SET 2:costs Php 445.00 or is it 545.00: Salmon,Tiger Prawn,Crab and Oyster with( Unlimited Rice,Cabbage ,Miso soup) 2 slices of watermelon and pineaple,lastly japanese pickles.

salmon tastes great,i love how they cooked mine(may Mine Talaga),well i guess this is how they really cook their  salmon,i hate overcooked salmons i want mine more on the raw side. the Oyster,its sweet and Juicy,Mr.R's not a fan of my seafood platter he's more of a Land Dweller Eater..i like my SEAFOOD so we're kinda like Yin and Yang on our food choices.

KUROBUTA SET 120g costs php 575 this meal also includes unlimited rice,miso soup and cabbage,aside from those theres also a few small slices of fruits same as what i have on my Sea food Platter.

The fact that he didnt touch my Seafood doesnt mean i wont touch his KUROBUTA..

My lil r,would loveee this! sadly he was not with us at that time...So i will definitely be going back with my little boy since he really love his Katsu..he is a picky eater but eats Katsu on a heartbeat.

The Kurobuta is very different,its Crunchy on the outside(according to Mr.R "Yung crunchyness niya super sarap"),unlike other Katsu that ive tried which only looks crunchy,and on the inside its Soft,very tasty,cooked really well,its Juicy,i didnt taste any dryness(and according to Mr.R "it has the right amount of Fat")

Accdng to Yabu:
Katsu made more exquisite with Yabu’s Kurobuta premium tonkatsu. Our kurobuta is imported straight from Japan; tender, juicy and flavorful pork in a crisp golden panko crust. It is indeed, the High King of katsu.
Kurobuta, also known as the black Berkshire pig, is the world's FINEST pork. It is also called the "kobe beef of pork" due to its rich marbling, softness and flavor.

I like their Miso Soup,im not a fan of Miso Soups,but i enjoyed Yabu's,and their Cabbage?Well lets just say we gave in,i finished my 2nd serving of cabbage.And thats quite filling.

Bottomless House Iced Tea Php 95.00

i forgot the exact amount but more or less our final bill is at about Php 1200-1300,they have 5% service charge as well.

Check out Yabu on:
Facebook :
Mall of Asia: 2/F SM Mall of Asia, Main Mall Atrium, South Arcade, Pacific DrManila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay

Instagram: @littlebeautybag

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