Swatch:Pink Nouveau From Mac

Sunday, January 27, 2013
Again!!?yes that's right, and today im gonna show you my favorite pink lipstick! it looks soo delish on the tube and on my lips(lol)

Mac describes it as  (Bright Pink*Satin)

 photo DSCN7116_zps87c9cb19.jpg

DSCN7128_zps8bcf58c5 photo DSCN7128_zps8bcf58c5-1_zps4c10f7e4.jpg

RSCN7129_zps4f7c131e photo RSCN7129_zps4f7c131e-1_zpsc15fdf3b.jpg

DSCN7121_zpse0c29bd2 photo DSCN7121_zpse0c29bd2-1_zps20624ba3.jpg

on me nc 20-25
loovvee..see with just a hint of gel blush and right amount of concealer here and there,i made myself look younger..(sorry mid 20's crisis)

disregard the awkward pose,love love the shade!!!

Creamy,very easy to apply

subtle vanilla scent

10 grams net wt .35 OZ

Black Bullet type with multi colored shimmers =D

Got it at Hoops and Loops (visit their shop)

Great for:
Love love love this lipshade!it makes me look young and fresh,makes me want to sing "Like A Virgin". =D

Instagram: littlebeautybag

4 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Dang said...

Looks nice on you, Camille. :) I wonder what can you reco that is a liittle bit darker but still pinkish? :)

Rie said...

How long does unopened lipstick last (shelf life)? How bout opened?

Littlebeautybag_camille said...

Not as bright i think please me is good as well something deeper than PN MAC LUSTERING is a grrat watermelon ish shade ,pink popcorn ,show orchid is a vivid pink girl about town is a crowd fave as well

Littlebeautybag_camille said...

hi rie,sorry for the late reply as well,lipstick shelf life standard is 1-2 years even up to 4 years however thats for opened lipsticks,for unopened i guess tey have a much longer onse since theyre not yet exposed to hunidity,but for me oncr it smells weird and rancid much like a kids crayons and the textures off already its time to throw them out

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