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Wednesday, January 23, 2013
on days when i look and sometimes feel sick,and i need to run some errands,i always reach out for my lipsticks,i can go out without blush foundation or anything else on my face except for lipsticks...im somewhat addicted(lol?),and so here's another OCC lip swatch for you guys: click here for my previous OCC swatch

 photo 555261_515426698502602_1553239865_n_zpsd295ccfe.jpg
described as Bright Coral Pink

DSCN6789_zps92066749 photo DSCN6789_zps92066749-1_zpsa8650530.jpg
with flash-definitely an in your face bright lipstick,and as you all know its staying power is superb,so theres nothing to worry about that.

DSCN6788_zpsaef91b2b photo DSCN6788_zpsaef91b2b-1_zps4ab1d1d1.jpg
without flash,sorry for the bad lighting.

On my big lips:

RSCN6783_zps06aac602 photo RSCN6783_zps06aac602-1_zpsf2d45b8e.jpg
for reference i am nc 20-25.

RSCN6780_zps06658aeb photo RSCN6780_zps06658aeb-1_zpsc8086d15.jpg
without flash 1 coat.

DSCN6778_zpsb58db403 photo DSCN6778_zpsb58db403-1_zps19b2a55c.jpg
and with a minimal face makeup a mascara to perk up my lashes this lipstick definitely brightens up my face.=D

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