Lip Swatch Post:OCC Lip tar In.....

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Here's another swatch for you guys,ill make another OCC one after this i have stalker and Queen which are alot brighter than this one haha.

and this is....

PAGEANT-Rich Blue Based Pink

and here are the swatches..what i love about this is that i can definitely tone this down if i feel like using it during the day or i can up the amp for a bolder look.i sometimes use this as a blush!i pat whatevers left on my fingers to my cheeks that's all i need.

i wear lipsticks when im on the gym and this is what i usually wear coz it does not budge,i repeat it DOESNT BUDGE!...*yeah yeah i sometimes wear makeup while i sweat my as* off the gym,minus the foundation of course, hey i want to use all my lipstick up as much as possible,dont want them to go to waste*

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