Tretinoin Preview:Retacnyl 0.025

Sunday, December 23, 2012
Good day ladies and Gents,ive been documenting my skin's ups and downs for the last few weeks,and for this log im going to start with my Tretinoin Journey,last 2 weeks ago i told the dermatologist that i wanted to minimize my clogged pores,having PCOS my hormones are out of balance,and going out of whack for the past months,so ive been getting a lot of clogged pores that soon turns into a deep cyst...Anyway let me show you how my skin looks prior to Retacnyl

Before going on tretinoin...just had a cortisone shot on 4 cystic pimples and a facial hence it looks rather nice  and clean on photos,but when i taut my skin,that's when they appear,

1 week mark-my skin feels soft and the texture looks so SMOOTH!well that's given when your using tretinoin,it'll definitely change the skins texture,its an anti wrinkle cream AFAIK

about 1 week and 3 days
you can see how red my skin is,and those deep dents are from the cortison shot that i got before,also on my left cheek there seems to be a deep cyst forming..DUM DUM DUM>!

2nd week mark..(left cheek)
other than that deep cyst,the whitehead next to it also turned..but im glad that it came to a head..its soooo hard to treat DEEP cystic pimples.

and my right cheek,its a different story...2 cystic pimples suddenly popped up and my marks are much redder than before.

will continue this log soon,need to buy batteries for my camera first


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