My Flawless Beauty Transformation

Sunday, December 16, 2012
Its just recently when i discovered Flawless... before,whenever i pass through their clinic,the pink sign came to me as FLAMES,i remembered maybe they based it on the FLAMES movie waay back 1997,since they have that crooked way of lining the letters( or its just me) =D,not until i got in for a facial and while i was laying on my pink bed,with this big FLAWLESS sign on top of me,so while i was in pain(facials for me are painful!but worth it tiis ganda moment) i was like..oohh,i see..So enough about first encounters..

    I have a lot of treatments on my list that i havent got the chance to try yet,like i was contemplating wether to get a PowerPeel or Chemical Peel ,i want to be the next ad girl for Nano Power Peel!with ALL that slight arched back flawless shoulder and glowing skin.RAWR~!
in the end i opted for their Salicylic Peel (more on to that soon)

 But the thing is,there's this voices at the back of my head..*schizo mode* its that Ive heard a lot of good raves about how radiant their skin looks and how smooth it feels at the same time,with Flawless' Body Scrub and Bleach Treatment,i noticed that ive been neglecting the skin on my body for quite a long time and been only focusing on my face,making it look a lot fairer than my body,so with that being said i would definitely want to try the Body Scrub W/ Bleach treatment to even out my Totem Face,and to bring back that glow that i once had..well when i was 13-15-16 years old,wouldnt that be awesome,a Mom with a teenage skin !

Feel at home lang si Ate? hehe. colorful flawless product shelves.

Happy National Flawless Month!

Will make a seperate review about my Salicylic acid peel Treatment from them,its just that i still have to buy batteries for my Camera=D



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5 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Mrs. Kolca said...

I wanna try Flawless. Waiting for your post sis! :)

angelamhiere said...

Is that Flawless SM San Lazaro? Teehee!!! =D

Littlebeautybag_camille said...

Yes sis hehe,dito ka dn ba ?

angelamhiere said...

Yup! ^__^

karen said...


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