Skin Update: Forever Flawless

Thursday, November 08, 2012
hello ladies,,ive been battling hormonal acne now for half a year i guess,you can browse through my post on how it started,i did managed to control the break out,but i never did brought my skin back to how it was before...

im still not sure on what skincare products to use,so i decided to go back to my skincare regimen waaay waaay back...i bought the Cyleina Black Pearl soap again,i used to love this soap so much,i just stopped because its not that easy to do meetups with the resellers back then,and on the 2nd day of using the soap,my skin FREAKING gave me that small bumps that kinda itch again..what the!!!,it never did sink in that i now have sensitive skin..but it just hits its Official...(*sigh)
And now currently i Have 4 cystic pimples on my face,(dreadful hormonal acne),will post a pic soon,and clogged pores,a lot of them on sides of my cheeks,which is the usual life cycle of a cyst,pore gets clogged,infected,turns red,here comes papule or pustule,or worst cyst..which i have. (-_-) ,and its been a while since ive got myself a facial.ive seen some reviews on Forever Flawless Facial Centers,and most of them are quite good,so ive decided to give them a visit and start my facial declogging with them,

First VISIT!:
i visited their Clinic at SM San lazaro yesterday,but i didnt make it to the cut off time,i arrived at around 6 30 pm or so,they greeted me with warm smile,they have nice working people behind SM San Lazaro's Branch,anyways i got in,sat down with the Doctor,and i told her that i suddenly broke out last feb march,and i have a lot of clogged pores and i do have hormonal acne,right away she then said that "Kailangan mo magpapeel",she mentioned MHC easy peel,that will dry pimples and make me peel for a few days ",i was like:" peel agad,di ba pwedeng glycolic muna or better facial muna"(chos,that's just me talking to myself lol),i didnt feel that the consultation went well,cause i was the one who suggested things that she just agreed so instead i had the KI injection to my 4 cyst,mind you i have high pain tolerance BUT!! i cringed!my concern at that time was,why did she have to extract my cystic acne...imagine,its already painful to have a pimple extraction,what more with cyst,she poke it and used the thingy that extract the puss,i can feel my face twitching..after that she then injected all 4 of them,and i didnt even felt the,its either she's really good with needles or the pain made my face numb..
When i got home i asked myself..the reason why i decided to get the KI was because i want my cyst to go down with minimal im afraid,cause i think it'll leave a scar bigtime..But nevertheless i will still continue my visit to Flawless..Im actually on my way to have my Facial,will update you guys on that next time chow.

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Iyah said...

Aweee!! Camille!! I feel your pain!! I have cystic acne as well, and it just started this year :( maybe stress, maybe hormones, i don't know what actually caused it but I never got my skin back the way it was used to last year. Everytime an acne heals, another one comes out and its so depressing. Nag punta ako dyan sa Philippines last June and had facial and she extracted my acne and now it left me scars on my cheeks!! I so regret getting extractions. I should have just let it heal :( Hang in there!!

Littlebeautybag_camille said...

stress,and hormones! one two punch!its just that hindi ako sanay na may ganto lalo na yung mga tao sa paligid ko...and mas pinapansin pa nila more than me,kaya nakakastress lalo hehe..dami ko kasi congested pores.=( bigla sila nag 1x2x3 ..grabe sakit pag inextract cystic parang mas nasaktan pa ako dun kesa nung nanganak ako eh lol

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