Dyed my Hair with Etude House Bubble Hair Color in Gold Blonde

Wednesday, November 07, 2012
So just last month i got this sudden itch to dye my hair,and its about time,since i can see atleast 2 inches of dark roots and it doesnt look nice out on a sunny day,anyways,on my previous hair one,ive visited ystilo salon,but this time im DIY-ing my hair.

Warning: Photo Heavy
ive searched a lot of hair dyes however most of my picks is not locally available here in the Philippines,yes there are some resellers but the shades that i want is always Sold out so,i opted for this one from etude house...the SA told me that its ammonia free so its not going to ruin my hair as much as the other hair dyes on the market...

heres how my hair looks before:



and after:
just washed the bubble off,and i love love love the conditioner thats on the kit(with flash)

indoor without flash

outdoor without flash,top looks nice eigh?

the thing is we didnt split my hair so...underneath that nicely colored hair is this..



currently after 2 weeks.

so for less than 400 pesos..its a good diy hair dye,just dont get too confident with the bubbles sipping inside youre hair like i did,thought that the bubbles would do the job of spreading for me as long as i rub them in..im going to try palty or prettia if you know someone who sells them pls let me know..

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5 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Thiamere Brea said...

that looks more like orange-ish at first.. but it's so bagay sayo!
love the end result
wish there would come a time where i can post something like this din

Nikki said...

The shade looks nice!!! Ahh I can't wait to dye my hair !!! :D

Littlebeautybag_camille said...

hehe medyo matagal pa nikki lang months ka pa pwede mag dye..when i gave birth kating kati din ako magdye ng hair and magpatreat.

Littlebeautybag_camille said...

it is thia,kalawang color but toned down naman kahit pano,ako din dati di gumagana mga DIY color sakin ive tried revlon loreal colours i dyed my hair 3 times in just 1 and half day!! binalik ko pa nga yung dye sa SM kala ko expired kasi nagblack hair ko hehhe,tas nasira buhok ko nagdry naputol i had to wait 1 year para marestore..then i decided na magpakulay sa salon..ng lighter shade,and then from there tumatalab na yung DIY sakin hehe

April M said...

I've tried Prettia, aka Liese, and it did not work on my hair. The color hardly showed, it was such a disappointment. In terms of color payoff, EH is better, at least in MY experience. :)


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