Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel

Sunday, November 25, 2012
HEEELLLOOOO!!heres something for those gals who likes gel cleansers,been using this one for a month now so yeah,its due for a review..hugs

BENEFITS:Our Best Selling Daily Cleanser. This non-foaming, gel cleanser thoroughly removes the day’s make-up, dirt and oil without drying the skin. Papaya and Grapefruit Extracts are exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acids that help prevent dulling build-up that can cause blackheads and pimples.

HOW TO USE: Twice daily, massage in a circular motion on wet skin avoiding eye area. Rinse with tepid water. Pat dry and follow with toner or astringent.

INGREDIENTS: Deionized Water (Aqua),Glycerin,Papaya (Carica Papaya Fruit) Extract,Grapefruit (Citrus Grandis Fruit) Extract,Monomide,Triethanolamine,Methylparaben
for the ingredients first,i was a little skeptical on the ingredients,lately ive been so keen on ingredients since i now have Sensitive skin...its so simple, a short list of 6 ingredients??really? i mean how come the gel's color is green? why does it smell like that? whats that glittery kind of shimmers? where did all that came from? hehe. IMHO i dont think that somehow maybe,its not completely given on the listed if anyone there knows why pls enlighten me.

every night i squeeze an ample amount(much like on the photo) on my finger then i dot on my face,i sometimes use my Skinsonic with this,but mostly i just use it on its own,i also let it sit on my skin for a minute to let the "enzymes" (lol) like to think its working..

first week gave me those small bumps,much like how my skin usually reacts if its too strong for my senstive skin( -_-)  but just on some areas where i dont get oily..weird i know,and its not as bad as the previous one that i had from using a Carrot Soap from before.After a few days i guess my skin got used to it and also i just let it sit on my skin for a few seconds not a full minute before i rinse it out.I got a few Break outs and i still get whiteheads..i can see my skin peeling from it,its not visible not unless i look at it closely(micropeeling),i still get whiteheads and blackheads as well as cystic acne so,this doesnt make my acne worse however i did not see any progress as well.its a so so cleanser for me,i might try the glycolic cleanser or the other one with fruits in it

Creamy,doesnt foam,once applied it feels like youre massaging your face with a well...Gel.

well im going to try to put it into words..its a little strong than most of my cleansers,it smells fresh,and some other stuff,but i like the might be a bit strong for some.

236 ml for 985 php.

plastic transluscent bottle with a flip thingy nozzle.

Got this at Rustans essences for 985 php.

Great for:
All skin types...but IMO if u have Sensitive Skin try using it every other day first then bump it up to everyday if it doesnt give you bumps or anything like what happened to me. =D


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Mac Viva Glam Lady GaGa I

Sunday, November 18, 2012
lipstick swatch,so ive swatched the Mac Saint Germain lipstick(here) and ive been reading some posts that their comparing it to Viva Glam Gaga I,so i grabbed mine and swatched them..lets see

Cool Blue toned pink lipstick,lustre Formula

i carry this on my makeup kit,and use it almost everyday.


with flash,looks pretty sheer,that's expected since it is a Lustre lipstick,but on my lips i can actually layer it for a decent pigmentation.

without flash

for me this is definitely a more wearable shade compared to Mac Saint Germain,that lipstick looks too pastel-y for an everyday use,but this on my lips gives me that "pa-cute bubble gum pink lips"..


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Skin Update: Forever Flawless

Thursday, November 08, 2012
hello ladies,,ive been battling hormonal acne now for half a year i guess,you can browse through my post on how it started,i did managed to control the break out,but i never did brought my skin back to how it was before...

im still not sure on what skincare products to use,so i decided to go back to my skincare regimen waaay waaay back...i bought the Cyleina Black Pearl soap again,i used to love this soap so much,i just stopped because its not that easy to do meetups with the resellers back then,and on the 2nd day of using the soap,my skin FREAKING gave me that small bumps that kinda itch again..what the!!!,it never did sink in that i now have sensitive skin..but it just hits its Official...(*sigh)
And now currently i Have 4 cystic pimples on my face,(dreadful hormonal acne),will post a pic soon,and clogged pores,a lot of them on sides of my cheeks,which is the usual life cycle of a cyst,pore gets clogged,infected,turns red,here comes papule or pustule,or worst cyst..which i have. (-_-) ,and its been a while since ive got myself a facial.ive seen some reviews on Forever Flawless Facial Centers,and most of them are quite good,so ive decided to give them a visit and start my facial declogging with them,

First VISIT!:
i visited their Clinic at SM San lazaro yesterday,but i didnt make it to the cut off time,i arrived at around 6 30 pm or so,they greeted me with warm smile,they have nice working people behind SM San Lazaro's Branch,anyways i got in,sat down with the Doctor,and i told her that i suddenly broke out last feb march,and i have a lot of clogged pores and i do have hormonal acne,right away she then said that "Kailangan mo magpapeel",she mentioned MHC easy peel,that will dry pimples and make me peel for a few days ",i was like:" peel agad,di ba pwedeng glycolic muna or better facial muna"(chos,that's just me talking to myself lol),i didnt feel that the consultation went well,cause i was the one who suggested things that she just agreed so instead i had the KI injection to my 4 cyst,mind you i have high pain tolerance BUT!! i cringed!my concern at that time was,why did she have to extract my cystic acne...imagine,its already painful to have a pimple extraction,what more with cyst,she poke it and used the thingy that extract the puss,i can feel my face twitching..after that she then injected all 4 of them,and i didnt even felt the,its either she's really good with needles or the pain made my face numb..
When i got home i asked myself..the reason why i decided to get the KI was because i want my cyst to go down with minimal im afraid,cause i think it'll leave a scar bigtime..But nevertheless i will still continue my visit to Flawless..Im actually on my way to have my Facial,will update you guys on that next time chow.

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Dyed my Hair with Etude House Bubble Hair Color in Gold Blonde

Wednesday, November 07, 2012
So just last month i got this sudden itch to dye my hair,and its about time,since i can see atleast 2 inches of dark roots and it doesnt look nice out on a sunny day,anyways,on my previous hair one,ive visited ystilo salon,but this time im DIY-ing my hair.

Warning: Photo Heavy
ive searched a lot of hair dyes however most of my picks is not locally available here in the Philippines,yes there are some resellers but the shades that i want is always Sold out so,i opted for this one from etude house...the SA told me that its ammonia free so its not going to ruin my hair as much as the other hair dyes on the market...

heres how my hair looks before:



and after:
just washed the bubble off,and i love love love the conditioner thats on the kit(with flash)

indoor without flash

outdoor without flash,top looks nice eigh?

the thing is we didnt split my hair so...underneath that nicely colored hair is this..



currently after 2 weeks.

so for less than 400 pesos..its a good diy hair dye,just dont get too confident with the bubbles sipping inside youre hair like i did,thought that the bubbles would do the job of spreading for me as long as i rub them going to try palty or prettia if you know someone who sells them pls let me know..

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Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, November 01, 2012
Happy Halloween guys!,well ive actually had this photo uploaded on my instagram (@littlebeautybag),and so i would like to share it on my blog as well.



wasnt able to make huge deep wounds,elmers glue takes quite a long time to dry and it drips,using a tissue paper helped though.

so that's it thanks guys and enjoy the holiday,next one would be CHRISTMAS then another New Year for us! cheers cheers!

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