I Can Be Body Beautiful at any Age with Wacoal

Monday, October 29, 2012
Being a mom,i noticed that i do sometimes forget to pamper myself like i used to when i was in my teen years,but nevertheless theres still some things that i can do to maximize or make it look like i still got it(lol),aside from Makeup,theres undies...

“How can you be body beautiful at any age with Wacoal?”
ive seen and worn wacoal undies!since i was a teen and im on my 20's now,(early-mid-late who cares?!)and one can be body beautiful at any age with wacoal because they do have the insights of whom to cater at any age,not only that but also to all walks of life at 20's according to them (women in their 20's are fun loving and experimental),30's are always on the go and busy making name for themselves,and at 40's women are smart savvy and already at the top of their game),so with that given,i feel comfortable with how my body fits inside my dress,making me feel sexy,(according to the hubs) 

this one caught my eyes,i like wearing dresses,and this will definitely hide unwanted bulges (lol).
Wired Bandeau with detachable straps,Has a resin bone at the wide side panel to support excess flesh



there you have it,let me know whats your favorite kind of undies. 

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