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Tuesday, September 04, 2012
good day ladies,lets say goodbye to august and greet the BER months with open arms!well i as always every month i have something that i used almost everyday and for this month most of them are Skin care products(again?) on

left to right-
Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque-
I love my aztec healing clay,and theyre almost at the same level,im enjoying this mask so much without the vinegar smell and me having to mix.

Loreal Nail Polish in sweet chiffon
very nice muted midtone pink polish

Stridex Sensitive Aloe Pads-
this is pretty much just like a cotton pad soak with skin healing stuff,i love how fresh and cool my skin feels after applying this.

Emu Oil Plus-
i got this at Barenaturals,for no more than 400+ but not more than healed my skin so well,from my previous allergic reaction from SHULAMMITE carrot soap..(GGrrrr)

Skin MD Naturals with SPF-
i love Aloe infused products,this is what kept my skin hydrated,my skin felt flakey and dry and itchy for like how many weeks,and im glad that aside from its moisturizing properties it also has Aloe Vera.

Maybelline Lipstick in Delicate Pink-
this has been my go to lipstick ever since i was in college,i love the tint that it gives my lips after it fades.

in2it brow powder-
i use this everyday..and i love it..nuff said =D

Mac Girlboy Browset-
and to make my brows a tad lighter ,it also keeps my unruly long brow hairs in place.


Maybelline Lipstick in Delicate Pink.

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4 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Anonymous said...

where can you buy skinmd po here in the philippines?

Camille Santos said...

its not locally available dear eh,pero they ship ata here sa philippines

Jing M. said...

Where can we buy Stridex Aloe Pads here in Manila?

Camille Santos said...

Got it online i think its through chedelyn store

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