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Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Just in time,we're looking for an inspiration and accents cause we recently painted our room,i saw this at Nuffnang and browse through their site...they have a lot of good stuff!!

H286 Modern Mirror-
Every house needs to have a mirror for me its a must have,it'll make the room feel larger than it usually is,this simple yet modern style will surely make a statement on your hallways or room walls.

 Crown Shelf With Support
I have a lot of trinkets and stuff so this captured my attention,i can use this as a book shelf as well,will minimize the clutter so its a space saver idea as well.

twisted table lamp
i like this piece!at night its a must for me to have a night light most specially when little r's taking his snooze,he tends to wake up when i open the main light so instead of that i just use my night light.

So whats your pick?its always great to put your own imagination back into the comfort of your home,its your's anyway,its "Your Home Your Imagination"

here's a link of their video ad :

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