IL Terrazzo my Place to be..

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Who doesnt love IL TERRAZZO,it's a place to be for me and my family.We enjoy this place a lot,we actually visit this place most weekends,its at the heart of Tomas Morato so its not hard to miss.

Tomas morato isnt just for party goers,there's this place called Il terrazzo which is the home of variety stuff for which i go for enjoyment and relaxation.

Everytime we visit this place he always run right to this area...he loves to watch the fountain.

 see we're eating yet he was soooo busy watching the fountain shoot up,that's why i miss being a kid,they do get amazed and awed easily.well i have to admit myself its very relaxing to watch that fountain.



one of their best seller Bannaple Pie

and one of my son's fave is this Potion Pie,he likes to chew on that fly made out of almonds =D

And they're not just for Desserts,they serve pasta's,rice meals,salads and such,this is my son's meal yummy cheesy lasagna roll

We also love BonChon Chicken,for lunch or din din

for those beauty junkies like me they have kryolan!

not only that:
  • Craving for sushi
Dine at Omakase
  • Perhaps something for your sweet tooth/Milk tea's and such
Indulge at Gong Cha
  • Yearning for some meditation?
Exercise your mind and body at Beyond Yoga
  • Call for a beauty makeover
Pamper yourself at Sexy Solutions or The Lash Bar
  • Need to buy more Beauty stuff?
they have Kryolan
  • Need your techie fix?
Splurge at the Digital Hub or Technovox
  • Thirsty for your favorite cocktail or beer
Unwind at Jack’s Loft
  • Does your pantry need restocking?
Shop groceries at Rustan’s Supermarket
  • In need of an events place
Book The Ariato Function Center

you can visit their facebook fanpage for more info:
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July Favorites!!

Here's my monthly picks for July!they've been so good to me and hope will not stop being so,read on ladies have a great day.


Lets start with:

Etude House Proof 10 eye primer
since im allergic to UDPP i got this one instead and its been doing great on making my eyeshadows last longer!.

Mac Girl Boy Brow Set(click for the review)
As always ive been a fan of this brow product,i want to try the one from Etude House and Majolica Majorca as well cause this one's always Out of stock.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
i got this just this month,i was supposed to repurchase my Aztec Healing Clay but it was out of stock so i opted for this one instead and ive been loving it to bits

Elf cream eyeshadow Butter Peacan-
ive been wearing this one for almost everyday when im taking my son to school,its muted and its very easy to apply.

Nivea Sparking White UV Blocker SPF 30++-
This is what ive been using as my moisturizer/sunblock for this month,i still love my neutrogena moisture moisturizer but that only has SPF 15

Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer in Fair Light 0-1
Good coverage and i use this to brighten up my dark circles since its a little lighter than my skin

Maybelline Raspberry Beam?-
so sorry i forgot the exact shade,this was given to me by my cousin and i love how pink it looks on my lips

Mac Lipgloss bottle(its a mixture of different OCC liptars with CO bigelow Clear Gloss)
Another Lip mixture of mine hehe..ill swatch this soon.its a nude yellowish gloss.

Kiehls Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
made my review..just click here

Lush Vanishing Act-
this is my 2nd bottle,i soo love this stuff,its very refreshing to apply and it helps control my breakouts


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Review:Kiehls Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solutions

Sunday, July 29, 2012
Hi ladies,for this week i decided that ill be showing you guys some of the skin care products that ive used for the last few months,for now im going to show you guys this Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution.

Php 2995.00
30ml dropper type bottle 

Their Description:
Kiehl's Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution is a fast-acting serum that evens skin tone and diminishes dark spots to impart overall radiance and luminosity to the skin:

• In as little as 2 weeks, 55% of women clinically demonstrated a significant reduction in dark spot intensity.

• In 4 weeks, 69% of women clinically demonstrated a continued reduction in dark spots intensity and 73% of women showed a significant reduction in acne scarring. Reduction in other skin discolorations was clinically evident among 69% of women.

• In 8 weeks, 87% of women clinically demonstrated more uniform skin tone to deliver breakthrough clarity.

• With continued daily usage, Clearly Corrective helps to prevent the formation of future dark spots and other skin discolorations.

No Silicones. No Parabens. No Fragrance.
No Colorants. No Optical Diffusers.

i guess this is their active ingredients:

Activated C: Fast- acting clarifying ingredient helps diminish discolorations and prevents dark spots from forming.

Peony Extracts: Helps prevent future dark spots and discolorations.

White Birch Extract: White Birch is known for its healing properties. It enhances skin clarity and luminosity

i dont have any idea how it works but it clearly states that its a Dark Spot Solution haha

before this i was using the Avalon Organics Vitality Vit. C Serum,now dont get me wrong i like that one soo much makes my skin vibrant and alive,but after i used it all up i said to myself that i needed something more potent,to get rid of ....

its a little sticky at first but as i pat it on my face my skin easily absorbs the product,there's no trace of the product after that.

 serum like consistency.

i like the dropper type packaging,saves a lot of product.

(Oh and ive been using this for almost 2 months inconsistently,to be exact i started using it last 3rd of June if im not mistaken...)

these pesky marks..
you see i have hypertrophic scars,rolling scars and also the persistent red,brown and purplish scars...

before....this is my bad sad...=(

1st week-
usage: everyday morning and night 2 drops.Depending on how my skin feels and looks i sometimes add a drop or two..
  • didnt see any drastic changes but some of my new scars did lighten
3rd week-
usage:everyday morning and night 2 drops.
got 2...slash that i mean 3 CYSTIC PIMPLE on this week....such a bummer...

5th week-
usage:used it for like 3 days only at night,for this week also i tried using eskinol Dalacin C
  • the camera washes off the intensity of the red marks,but hey most of my hypertrophic scars arent noticeable anymore they're not as red as they were before.
now in conjunction with this i am also using other skincare items that i guess helped me in some way to lighten up my scars,my skin isnt as clear as it was before it exploded but atleast its not getting worst.

I stopped visiting my Dermatologist for like a few weeks now,i weaned myself off of my Medications,as im really not into that stuff to start with,but i had to.

  • Im happy that i bought this product,the price is quite steep for me but a little goes a long way so it will last me atleast 4-6 months,and the good thing was when i saw someone selling at a lower price i immediately got it now i have a back up yey!...Most of my scars have faded and the remaining ones arent as red as they were before,the rolling scars? they're still visible but most of them have lightened as well!
  • It didnt broke me out!...
  • Odorless!!!
  • Easily absorbs by my skin
  • I like the Packaging!
  • i love the fact that its not light sensitive anymore.but just to be on the safe side i still store it on a cool dark place...(cool dark place? lol sounds gloomy) 
  • plumps up my skin texture,even if i have acne i noticed that the texture of my skin isnt as dull and uneven like it was before
*then again we have different skin types so what works for me may work differently for you.*


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      Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick

      Saturday, July 28, 2012
      Ive been searching for a great affordable nude lipstick this past few days,i checked my stash for a nude lipstick but all i found was pigmented bold pinks,plums and whatnots..i remembered that the only nude lipstick that i own back then was from Maybelline watershine which i already consumed...but this time i want something more matte and pigmented...

      Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in 900B.
      got it at Php 299.00 at SM department store

      i am nc 20-25 neutral skintone,this lipstick obviously leans more on the peach side which i love cause i dont have that much peachy lipstick,

      Pigmentation is decent i actually like it,the color pay off is really good,its a little drying on my lips,mine tends to chap more often this days..=*

      here's how it looks on me..i noticed the more i swipe the paler the shade looks,well i do have quite pigmented lips maybe that's why.

      locally available
      nice shade pay off(pigmentation)
      Looks good on my nc20 skintone
      like that it doesnt sink in to my lip lines.

      a little drying on my lips
      doesnt last that long.


      Instagram: littlebeautybag

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      MUFE Mat Velvet Plus Mattifying Foundation

      Thursday, July 26, 2012
      Hi bellas!here's another foundation review,ive been using this for quite sometime now and as ive mentioned on my previous post,i need something that would cover my skin without it feeling too heavy nor looking like one. so here's what i think of MUFE mat velvet plus foundation..Read on..

      Php 2200 plus i forgot the exact price
      according to their site:
      The Mat Velvet + foundation conceals skin imperfections, evens out the complexion and matifies with a non-oily powdery finish. The result is flawless and lasts for hours long. Its smooth, fluid texture is very stable, water-resistant and long-lasting. While it has a good coverage, it is also easy to apply. The end result can be fitted to your needs. Applied lightly, Mat Velvet + provides a natural, matte look to the complexion. Using several layers to help conceal blemishes creates a supple and elastic velvety finish. This new oil-free and non comedogenic formula is suited to sensitive skins.

      they have 16 different shades if im not mistaken alabaster being the lightest and chocolate as the darkest.

      bare face...i have lots of acne marks (PIH) and active ones as well,the camera washes those off.

      pea size,depending on how much i need to cover i usually need a lot more than this,im in shade 30 by the way.

      semi blended..this is my left cheek..the one that id like to call my Good Side =p

      right cheeks where i have most of my acne spots,the thing about them is no matter how good the coverage is they still do sometimes show,i think most of my scars are called rolling scar..first layer(pea size),this looks natural on my face,the shade suits me perfectly

      second layer.... nice coverage right?and it doesnt look heavy at all unlike my estee lauder stay in place foundation 
      and it doesnt have that tight feeling as well,i love how it feels on my skin and the fact that on most days i dont have to apply my concealer on to cover minor redness.

      Full Face:
      MUFE Mat Velvet Plus Mattifying Foundation
      Chanel Mat Lumiere 50 powder Foundation
      Shu Uemura Tranquil Pink with Nars Silvana

      after how many hours without Blotting! =D

      No Break outs!!!
      Perfectly matches my skin tone
      Lasts atleast 8-10 hours for me blotted once.
      Oil Free !!( a must for me)
      Doesnt look cakey
      Nice coverage-medium to heavy
      Natural looking Matt finish but not as Matt as my Estee lauder Stay in place Foundation..
      i like the nozzle type packaging
      No oxidation 

      None Yet


      Instagram: littlebeautybag

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      Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

      Wednesday, July 25, 2012
      Just in time,we're looking for an inspiration and accents cause we recently painted our room,i saw this at Nuffnang and browse through their site...they have a lot of good stuff!!

      H286 Modern Mirror-
      Every house needs to have a mirror for me its a must have,it'll make the room feel larger than it usually is,this simple yet modern style will surely make a statement on your hallways or room walls.

       Crown Shelf With Support
      I have a lot of trinkets and stuff so this captured my attention,i can use this as a book shelf as well,will minimize the clutter so its a space saver idea as well.

      twisted table lamp
      i like this piece!at night its a must for me to have a night light most specially when little r's taking his snooze,he tends to wake up when i open the main light so instead of that i just use my night light.

      So whats your pick?its always great to put your own imagination back into the comfort of your home,its your's anyway,its "Your Home Your Imagination"

      here's a link of their video ad :
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      Neutral Everyday Look

      Sunday, July 22, 2012
      hello ladies,would like to share this makeup look that i wore last july 14 when i went to the SuperSale Bazaar,its a great fresh freshan look for a hot afternoon...

      Yep i went there with a cap and a jacket.and im glad i did cause when i took it off my hands were freezing...

      Primer on! loreal's base magique primer.see those box or rolling scars on my cheeks?i dont have any idea how to make them goo awayyy!!

      for foundation im using Estee lauder's stay in place makeup mixed with Neutrogena's Moisturizer.

      and on my bad side here is how the foundation looks like...not too matte and heavy looking.didnt feel that way either..

      for eyes:

      Etude House Eye Primer
      MUFE 010
      Mac Nylon
      Estee Lauder Eyeshadow from my June Favorite Palette(lavander)
      Mac Wedge
      Maybelline Pen Felt liner(forgot the exact name)
      Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes
      Mac Something* Moss
      Brown Liner from Loreal
      Nichido White Liner

      Brows in2it


      Cheeks is a mixture of MUFE and Occ Lip tar
      on my lips Wet n Wild Lipstick 900B(love this)

      so thats my to go look i guess or what i would like to look mostly everyday haha.
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      Pink and Peach Nails

      Friday, July 20, 2012
      its pouring rain out,so i painted my nails!

      sooo girly the pink one is from sally hansens i think its called call the iris,you can find a similar shade at Etude House,and the peach one is from BNC

      my left nails looks so nice while my right one's a disaster haha.
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      Review:Estee Lauder Stay In Place Foundation

      Sunday, July 15, 2012
       for the past weeks im on the hunt for a great foundation something that has coverage,long lasting,and must definitely be oil free.My previous ones were more on the lighter side,since before all these mayhem i never have to cover anything that bad ,but now things has i jumped in the bandwagon of estee lauder fans and got their stay in place makeup,ive heard a lot of good review on how long lasting this foundation is so im gonna make my own insight bout this product.

      Price:Php 1900.00

      sorry for the messy bottle just used it..=D
      and speaking of the bottle it comes with this twist cap so you'll have to pour it out,for those who has mac foundation pumps it fits well with this foundation but for those who doesnt all you have to do is check your stash may it be skincare etc and look for a pump maybe something might fit,that's what i did =D

      15-hour staying power. Flawless all day.
      This worry-free, long-wearing makeup stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity, nonstop activity.
      Won't change color, smudge or come off on clothes.
      Feels lightweight and comfortable.
      Now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day.

      oil free
      dermatologist tested
      non acnegenic
      fragrance free

      flawless skin...hehe..the coverage is superb,even if i have red scars and active ones those purplish kind that's a bit hard to cover it somehow manages to counter it out,but it did not totally cover the pesky pimple,i didnt bother to add more cause it might look too much,the foundation is heavy looking for my taste but hey we cant win em all right.But if im going to compare it to revlons colorstay the stay in place makeup is much lighter for me.Finish is MATTE..

      did not apply my moisturizer here,my dermatologist told me not to wear one,but i guess if im going to have this on i do need to apply some,my face looks and feels dry(i have oily skin),so if you have normal to dry skin you might feel a little tightness wearing this foundation,so dont forget to moisturize..i dont love its finish,i mean i love that its matte but how the foundation feels and looks on my skin im not inlove with it,i like it but not to the point that i will repurchase. but from afar my skin looks sooo nice.=)

      one thing if you have acne bumps,or anything similar than what i have here..(i know sad noh?) it will accentuate it,i dont know if its because as ive mentioned i didnt apply my moisturizer nor a primer but still something to consider when youre eyeing on foundations so its best to try it on first before buying one.

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