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Tuesday, June 05, 2012
updates! here we go,well if youve seen my previous post ive been suffering from acne since last im here to give you guys some updates on how my skin is as of this week as well as on last week,and if youre easily disgur
sted by pimples and stuff by all means click X hehe.


i think this was taken last week of may.,after i applied my acne treatment so it kinda washes the redness and bumpiness.

left side.....

my second session on acne surgery pinaarte version ng facial,last may 20 i guess..

after a few minutes,ii like the nurse who gave me the treatment,she managed to extract most of my blackheads out.

almost a week later.i love how vibrant and bold lipsticks brighten up my complexion...

i learned my lesson and for the last few weeks i managed to keep myself from touching or squeezing my face.However i noticed even if i let them heal on their own,having cystic acne still leaves me with scars,red marks the once that takes a lot of time to fade...just my luck eh.

im not gonna go in to details but the thing is before this happened i never thought that it'll be up to this extent,its not because im trying out stuff on my face,its not because of a new facial wash,nor a cosmetic reaction,ive been following the same regimen since,and then BOOM...
Ive found out through countless hours of reading,that most not all okay,most cases of our skin going crazy,breaking out is not because we're dirty,well maybe that's just one factor,ever wonder why some homeless person doesnt have one zit on his/her face,well actually i see  clusters of them almost everyday and yeah none of them have acne...
my dermatologist told me that factors are:
and i forgot the other one =D.

well for me its...HORMONES...we have a natural bacteria on our skin,so its not a clean slate,even if you dont have acne you still have an existing bacteria residing on your skin,its just that this bacteria( i just dont know if all of them likes doing so) likes oily,gooey places,and i have one...OILY Skin...and ive read that due to some what id like to call CONFUSED hormones  we tend to create more oil than usual,ergo more bacteria than the usual....and so it begins...its not just that,theres still more,and the sad part is they said that its just like treating a normal pimple...well ive been doing that for like a few weeks and its not working doc!!.hormonal acne is different,not that much but its not just like your normal flare up...i always ended up with cystic ones,painful and red...conventional treatments sometimes dont work or they tend to work slower..the root cause of it is hormones so you have to correct that first and everything will follow...but im not the gal who always want to be on medication..i actually despise medicines,as much as possible i try to avoid them,but i guess i cant,lifestyle change maybe...however will try to ask my OB if i can go off of some of it and we'll see what happens...
enough blabber for me thanks ladies and although i know that ive neglected my site for such a long time having someone visit it makes me sooo happy.have good day
ill soon post my updated skin care now tapering of some medication,and im still currently on some supplements..

2 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Askmewhats said...

I hope your skin gets better! Most of the time, its the "diet" (food related), Stress and lack of sleep!

Thanks for sharing this! Let us know how it goes, I'm sure you're on your road to recovery! :)

Camille(SHOBE) said...

thats true nikki,food allergies i guess thats what they call it.for me its Stress hence the wacky hormones

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