EOTD and a Short How To:Pinks and Choco Browns.

Monday, June 25, 2012
happy friday oops i mean monday everyone,i was suppose to make my funky shades post but decided to do a more wearable look for you guys.hope you like it. =D

a very simple look that you can wear on a night out or even on a daylight...what i did:

  • apply a shimmery pink base(cream)
  • then on top i applied my pink eyeshadow (blend)
  • then on my crease a chocolate brown eyeshadow(just focus it on the outer par of the eye)its best to layer the color rather than putting large amount of powders on,its much easier to blend if you layer.
  • then something lighter on the inner rim,a brown eyeliner for a more wearable look on your waterline.blend it using the brush that you used to apply the brown eyeshadow.
  • line your eyes,curl your lashes and then that's that!.
and it still depends on how strong you want the look should be,you may use a black eyeshadow to deepen the outer area and a black eyeliner.

ive been reaching for my brown eyeliner more often than my black ones nowadays.

and also after i line my upper lash line i smudged the liner a little bit to soften the look.

i trimmed my bangs....i actually cut it too short..and i dont know what to do with it...=P
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Pastel Pink Nails!me likey!

Saturday, June 16, 2012
would like to share this nails color that ive come up with by mixing two loreal nail polish shades.

love how it makes my nails all girly

it also brightens up the tone of of my skin...uhmm something like that.

and here are the two Loreal Polish Shades that ive Used,the white one is sweet nothing and i guess the pink one is called sweet chiffon if im not mistaken..

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Review:Loreals UV Perfect BB max

Thursday, June 14, 2012
hi lovelies here's my insight on L'oreal UV Perfect BB max,first of all i just want to let you know(even if ive mentioned it a thousand times before hehe) that i now have acne prone,still oily skin...

according to Loreal:

Every day, UV damages aggravated by pollution prevent you from getting the perfect skin you dream of. They are a major cause of skin imperfections: darkening, brown spots, uneven skin tone and premature aging. Introducing, NEW UV PERFECT BB MAX with Maximal Protection, Maximal Care and Maximal Correction.

MAXIMAL PROTECTION The formula provides your skin with the maximal UV PERFECT protection. Thanks to the high photo stability of the patented Mexoryl SX/XL filtering system, skin is 12H protected against UVA/UVB. Brown spots, skin darkening and pre-mature ageing are prevented.

Anti-pollution active ingredient: enriched in Detoxyl to inhibit pollutants fixation on the skin.

Anti-free radical barrier: with Anti-Oxydant Complex and Activa-Cell, to shield cells’ DNA, elastic and collagen fibers against free radicals.
MAXIMAL CORRECTION Enriched with the breakthrough Color Equalizer Technology, an innovative pigments complex that desaturates skin discolorations – yellowish, brown and reddish. The formula instantly covers and corrects skin imperfections and brightens skin complexion. Skin looks even and brightened.

  • Results approved by 100% women*
  • Formula is protective. 
  • Skin looks fairer. 
  • Blemishes including pores are visibly reduced. 
  • Wrinkles and fine lines are less visible. 
  • Dark spots are visibly faded out. 
  • Skin tone looks more uniform. 
  • Skin is less dull. 
  • Skin tone looks natural. 
  • Skin looks younger. 
  • Skin feels comfortable.

TEXTURE An ultra-fine texture fusing magically with your skin in ideal harmony with your own skin complexion. It diffuses freshness and lightness for an optimal comfort sensation. Matte finish, so imperceptible.

packaging..nozzle type,which i like it dispenses the right amount of cream.

a small blob of the BB max...no yellow tones at all,well i dont know,but for me it looks ashy,i guess its because its supposed to desaturates some discolarations... but lets try it on shall we.

by the way just a quick comparison between their even complexion variant(top) and BB max(bottom)

right after application...it will not cover any imperfections,what it did for me is just face brightening and a little tone adjustment as well.

a few minutes after..see what i mean...it will not cover any marks,ive tried layering but its too thin for that,the consistency is more of a water based moisturizer...you can also still see the redness of my skin..and in terms of finish,well its not matte...for me its more dewy than matte.

it will also give you a white cast..if youre too excited to use this like i was,i noticed the more i apply the more white and ghastly my face gets on photos.Ive applied 2 layers of the BB max on this photo(Left) ,i applied a little concealer just to counter the red marks on my cheeks(right)

lets go over the claims again..

  • Results approved by 100% women*
  • Formula is protective-true with high SPF this will definitely protect you from harmful uv rays
  • Skin looks fairer. -True Skin definitely look fairer and brightened
  • Blemishes including pores are visibly reduced. -i guess yes,it will slightly reduce the appearance..
  • Wrinkles and fine lines are less visible. -same.
  • Dark spots are visibly faded out. -same
  • Skin tone looks more uniform. -i guess it will somehow even your skin tone
  • Skin is less dull. -true.
  • Skin tone looks natural.-true,the sheerness of the bb cream makes your skin glow from the inside 
  • Skin looks younger. -i dont know what this means,i guess this is for those who uses this almost everyday.
  • Skin feels comfortable.-true.

Let me compare this first to some of the current BB Creams that ive used..
Missha(the one in the red tube)- that one almost has the same tone as this one although missha definitely gives more coverage than the BB Max plus Missha is creamier compared to this one.both of then has high SPF.missha with 42 BB max with 50.

Pure Derm Beauty Magic BB Cream-compared to BB max Pure Derm offers more coverage,has yellowish tone,and even if the pure derm is more on the thin side of bb creams i can still say that BB max is so much thinner.

Legere/BRTC-it has more coverage than missha and Pure Derm,finish is semi matte

so to sum it up,for a BB Cream ill give it 3 out 5 stars,but for a moisturizer ill give it 4....its a moisturizer with a slight tint to it,for a BB Cream its the Sheerest BB Cream that ive tried so far,and if im gonna compare it to a tinted moisturizer its also one of the sheerest ive seen.Maybe if i dont have scars or redness to cover i would've love this.

  • High SPF
  • Its Lightweight
  • for those who doesnt need coverage this will brighten up your face.
  • Hygienic Packaging
  • Great for those pick me up natural look

  • Too Sheer for my taste
  • White Cast
  • For those with darker skintone its best to try it on Loreal Counters first and check it on natural lighting and try taking some photos with it as well with flash.
  • Doesnt say that it's Oil free or Non Comedogenic 
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Review:Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

Sunday, June 10, 2012
just a quick review on Boujois Healthy Mix Gel Foundation,got this before i had my breakouts,since then ive been loving it,so i thought why not share...

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
according to their site:
Give your skin a radiance boost with Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Serum Gel foundation – made from a vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula for an even complexion and an instant anti-fatigue result!

Its fresh and instant blending gel texture blends and glides onto the skin for an even, natural finish with no mask effect. Imperfections are erased, signs of fatigue are smoothed and the skin’s radiance is boosted for up to 16 hours*.

Made from an instant anti-fatigue vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula with litchi, goji berries and pomegranates.

Available in 6 radiance-boosting shades.

i love its packaging its plastic and has a pump! it dispenses the right amount of foundation for my entire face.

this was like a few weeks before my skin got worse..

what i have is in light beige 53 which looks a tad off on my skin

tried using a sponge but it sucks most product in , i find that using my hands or a stippling brush works better.

the shade was a little off for my skin but since the coverage is light its not that noticeable,in short i can get away with my mismatched foundation without people noticing.see how natural it looks <3

coverage is light to almost medium it will not cover spots especially acne scars so you might want to back it up with a concealer,i didnt have any concealer on nor a powder foundation on these photos by the way.

i love the finish it looks sooo natural and fresh and clean and flawless.that's a lot of ands,also for me it lasts for like 5 hours without blotting.

Doesnt Feel Heavy
Great Foundation for those who doesnt have scars to cover
For me i love the smell but this might be a con for those who doesnt want any scent on their foundations.

not locally available.

so yeah i love this,even if i have acne i still reach out for this foundation.And the scent...YUMM! i can definitely smell Lychee.hehe

have a blessed Sunday Guys!


Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Littlebeautybag
Instagram: littlebeautybag

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Skin Care: Skin Update

Tuesday, June 05, 2012
updates! here we go,well if youve seen my previous post ive been suffering from acne since last march...so im here to give you guys some updates on how my skin is as of this week as well as on last week,and if youre easily disgur
sted by pimples and stuff by all means click X hehe.


i think this was taken last week of may.,after i applied my acne treatment so it kinda washes the redness and bumpiness.

left side.....

my second session on acne surgery pinaarte version ng facial,last may 20 i guess..

after a few minutes,ii like the nurse who gave me the treatment,she managed to extract most of my blackheads out.

almost a week later.i love how vibrant and bold lipsticks brighten up my complexion...

i learned my lesson and for the last few weeks i managed to keep myself from touching or squeezing my face.However i noticed even if i let them heal on their own,having cystic acne still leaves me with scars,red marks the once that takes a lot of time to fade...just my luck eh.

im not gonna go in to details but the thing is before this happened i never thought that it'll be up to this extent,its not because im trying out stuff on my face,its not because of a new facial wash,nor a cosmetic reaction,ive been following the same regimen since,and then BOOM...
Ive found out through countless hours of reading,that most not all okay,most cases of our skin going crazy,breaking out is not because we're dirty,well maybe that's just one factor,ever wonder why some homeless person doesnt have one zit on his/her face,well actually i see  clusters of them almost everyday and yeah none of them have acne...
my dermatologist told me that factors are:
and i forgot the other one =D.

well for me its...HORMONES...we have a natural bacteria on our skin,so its not a clean slate,even if you dont have acne you still have an existing bacteria residing on your skin,its just that this bacteria( i just dont know if all of them likes doing so) likes oily,gooey places,and i have one...OILY Skin...and ive read that due to some what id like to call CONFUSED hormones  we tend to create more oil than usual,ergo more bacteria than the usual....and so it begins...its not just that,theres still more,and the sad part is they said that its just like treating a normal pimple...well ive been doing that for like a few weeks and its not working doc!!.hormonal acne is different,not that much but its not just like your normal flare up...i always ended up with cystic ones,painful and red...conventional treatments sometimes dont work or they tend to work slower..the root cause of it is hormones so you have to correct that first and everything will follow...but im not the gal who always want to be on medication..i actually despise medicines,as much as possible i try to avoid them,but i guess i cant,lifestyle change maybe...however will try to ask my OB if i can go off of some of it and we'll see what happens...
enough blabber for me thanks ladies and although i know that ive neglected my site for such a long time having someone visit it makes me sooo happy.have good day
ill soon post my updated skin care routine...im now tapering of some medication,and im still currently on some supplements..

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May Favorites.

Monday, June 04, 2012

1.Avalon organics facial vitality serum-got this at healthy options at around php 700 and i love how it brightens up my skin however im on the hunt for more potent Vit c.

2.derm e tea trea and vit e oil-

3.Loreal voluminous million lashes mascara-i love loreals and maybellines mascara they have the blackest black shade of all the mascaras that i own

4.Estee lauder double wear foundation-Great Coverage

5.lush Vanishing Act-spot t+-reatment and sometimes i use this as a mask

6.OPI 18k nail polish
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Mac Swatch:Rebel is Love

Saturday, June 02, 2012
Hello dearies,i want to share a little something that im very into nowadays..and its..LIPSTICKS...well im breaking out really bad hence the lack of face post,.but for now i want to show you a lipstick that i just recently got and loving..

MAC Rebel-(satin finish)Midtonal Cream Plum according to mac


looks dark right,well on contrary its actually lighter than what i had in mind,which i love..it has a lot of shades in it so i cant really give a shade description of my own,theres pink,plum purlish,berry kind of lipstick that might look Gothic-y for some.

on my lips...well you may still intensify the shade but for me one light swatch will do.What i like about this lipstick is that its Long lasting and it leaves a Stain...so it still gives me that just bitten pinkish lips after a few hours.

i dont know how to tell a fake mac lipstick from the authentic one,but heres someting that ive noticed, fake Macs they dont have this micro glitters that authentic mac brushes and lipstick bullet has,maybe thats one thing of knowing which is which i dont know...
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