How To: Sunday Out Clean Specks of Gold Look.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
summer is almost over so i made a simple bronzy -gold-ish look to kinda warm me up =D..

Products used:
Mac Paint Pot in indianwood blended upwards
Pigment from Mad Minerals Trust just on the Lid area


Face Primer Guerlain Meteorites light perfecting Base Primer


finished looks:

Lips from Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick forgot the shade

items used:
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Loreal Dermo Expertise:UV Perfect Preview

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
good day!just last week i received a product from Loreal its their UV perfect 12 long lasting UV protectors,i was given a sunblock gel by my dermatologist but it doesnt say how much spf is on it so i was quite hesitant to use that,so im really excited to try these and see how it goes for oily skinned acne prone gals like me.

said to be tailor made for asian women's phototype with SPF 50! UVA PA +++ all with mexoryl filters
left- Loreal Dermo expertise BB MAX(which i immediately opened
middle-Loreal Dermo expertise 12 h longlasting protector Transparent Skin
right end--Loreal Dermo expertise 12 h longlasting protector Even Complexion

ive read something about mexoryl SX and XL filters offers the best outstanding protection out of all the UVA range,photostable and non irritating also.

for a detailed info you can visit this site:

anyway i wont give any reviews yet but for the bb cream max this is how it looks like out of its box

and the bb cream itself..

so that's it thanks for visiting guys and watch out for my detailed review bout them...thanks 
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LBB UPDATE:Skin Condition and PCOS

Monday, May 21, 2012
hello guys so i kept on saying that ill post my skin update every now and then but i never had the guts to make one cause i know that it will take me lots and lots of time and courage to make one,if youve been visiting my blog since 2010 or beyond you'll see that i dont have that much of a problem with my skin,up until i guess dec 2011
i started to have this tiny bumps all over the side of my cheeks down to my jawline and chin...both sides,it never bothered me since im still on the same skin care regimen.

and when i sometimes scratch or prick that almost out of the pore blackhead,it gets inflamed i guess thats because they are so close to each other almost like their on top of each.(pardon that stain on the side of my lips i just ate breakfast haha)

then from there i started noticing more and more skin colored bumps appeared on the same area 
mostly sides of my cheeks.

and on my skin also became more OILIER,and my face flushes easily..

i gained a few(few? =D) pounds and then right after we went to boracay that same month i had my period twice which is very thats what pushed me to visit my gynecologist...and lo and behold after the Ultrasound and all...i was diagnosed with PCOS...i did actually suspect the same condition but never knew about it that much,ive read articles and stuff to widen my understanding bout what that is....and im still learning a lot of things..

the ultrasound shows 12+  cyst on both of my ovaries...thickened endometrium,retroverted uterus and things that i dont really understand..
she gave me:
Diane35 OCP to regulate my cycle
METFORMIN-an anti diabetic drug-because pcos also i guess has a high chance of being diabetic.
*Because polycystic ovarian syndrome has an insulin resistance component (too much insulin required to store blood sugar), a drug called metformin (Glucophage) is becoming a routine treatment. Approved as an anti-diabetic drug, metformin acts by making insulin more efficient, thus allowing less insulin to perform the same amount of metabolic work.

i visited a dermatologist after and she gave me an 
ointment for my dermatitis(back),doxycycline(antibiotics),and DUAC and said to be back for like 2 weeks..but its doing nothing good to be honest.

To kinda put it in my own explanation what it is..

POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME or in layman's term pcos or hormonal imbalance is a condition in where women will find it quite difficult to diagnose since the symptoms arent life threatening at all its just that were used to having it or seeing it so we often thought maybe i did something different or wrong.they said that i have a problem on my endocrine thats causing my hormone to go berserk,most gals who have this also has difficulty on getting pregnant 

this is what i have:
SUDDEN Weight Gain-gained weight in just 3days,its because of increase cravings due to hormones
ACNE BREAKOUTS-never had any problem with this for the past 23 years of my life and then BOOM!here they are...
UNUSUAL CYCLE-you might ve missed a period or something like that or like me had mine twice in a month which never happened before..
HIRSUTISM -hair suddenly grows in place you dont want them to be.
FATIGUE-i feel tired almost everyday even when i had a decent sleep,
MOOD CHANGES-cranky mom cranky wife..Just plain Cranky!
INSOMNIA-cant sleep most of the time even if my eyes are soo darn tired.

so here is how my skin looks now....just a comparison of how it started.
before and after..i know my skins not doing good...its getting worse..wait till you see my next post how it looks 3D! lol i mean now now.this photo was a week old..

right cheek taken first week of may,i guess this was my healing stage...

and this just last looks worst in person...
i got sad when i heard that if i want to get pregnant it wont be as easy as see i was diagnosed to have this right after a few weeks of me and Mr. R decided that we want to try to conceive hoping to have a baby girl...but i guess..that's not gonna be the case for now..i needed to work alongside my OB-GYNE to fix and prepare myself for that since she mentioned that im prone to Miscarriage,

they say:long-term health consequences of polycystic ovarian syndrome may include but not be limited to:

  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy-associated disorders.
  • Cancers.
  • Seizure disorders.

here are some links bout PCOS

so for now i bid you guys good health and godbless have a lovely weekends,ill try to write my journey here,if you have any question just feel free to leave me a comment.
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