Review:Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel

Sunday, January 29, 2012
Good day ladies...happy  Sunday to all,i found my water boost post which i thought i deleted..Im sorry for the delayed review,anyway i was sent a tub of neutrogena hydroboost gel  to try,and of course this is all based on my experience,no alterations or whatsoever,and you mightve seen this for most blog reviews but ill mention it anyway.."we do have different skintypes,conditions,lifestyle and such,so what works or may not work for me might be something else when it comes to you"this is to give you an idea or options,especially for those whose close to my skin type...Ive been using this for like a month and a half or so now,and im updating this post since i was supposed to post it a few weeks after i tried it..

first of all the comes in a 50grams blueish jar/pot..its quite heavy so whenever i travel i still have to transfer it on a different container..but i love how it looks though.

texture wise,i love it!,its light and easily sinks in,compared to my neutrogena moisture spf 15,this is way lighter ,so its great for my kind of skin type...since i do get oily really fast i need something lightweight and easily absorbable, things that bothers me is that i still need to use scoops or spatula since its in a tub,which most of the time i yeah..its a bit unhygienic but,since this is mine..thats quite fine,and it doesnt have SPF which is very important for me.

see here,within just a minute its not greasy and feels super soft..and before i forgot one of its ingredients is Dimethicone..So for those who are sensitive with silicones,be wary 

so here i am right after i woke up,i love applying moisturizers before i go to bed,it really does make a difference,i wake up less oily,and more radiant.!


  • Locally Available
  • Easily Absorbs by my Skin
  • Skin feels Soft and silky afterwards
  • Light Weight
  • Doesnt leave any trace of Greasiness
  • If youre in a hurry its a good prep up moisturizer.


  • Contains Silicone
  • Packaging
  • No SPF

*Price is Php 830.00 for 50grams 
*im not sensitive when it comes to fragrances but for those who are,this has a strong flowery scent.
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EOTN:Golden Sparks

Monday, January 16, 2012
just want to share this eye makeup,great for dinner dates or a night out with friends,hope you guys like it. =D
items used:

  • maybelline copper eyeshadow (from their palette i think its eyestudio)
  • Pencil liner from estee lauder
  • black eyeshadow from Revlon black galaxy
  • Maybelline's Magnum Mascara
  • Sephora's Aspen eyeshadow for highlights
  • Mac alittlefolie to blend off the edges.

maybelline eyestudio liner in navy blue for the waterline

also added a small amount of Mac Reflects and Styli Styles Glitter Liner

looks bold upclose but its not from afar.
have a lovely day guys
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Ristorante Bigoli's Pic-A-Pasta Pick-A-Pasta photo CONTEST

Sunday, January 15, 2012
hello lovelies here's something for all of you Pasta lovers out there,Ristorante Bigoli is holding a contest the "Pic-A-Pasta Pick-A-Pasta photo contest..Indulge yourself and get a chance to win "1 YEAR SUPPLY OF your FAVE BIGOLI PASTA DISHES!"

Bigoli  is a must try for those whose into Pasta's me and Mr.R often visit Bigoli Trinoma,they have the right amount of servings,budget friendly and their Garlic Bread...for pasta orders as far as i know their unlimited i sometimes sneak some on a paper bag for a movie snack hehe..=p

so all you pasta lovers out there get your camera and visit Bigoli for your most awesome Pasta Pic.


Good day peeps and Godbless
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LBB's DECEMBER Favorites!!

Friday, January 06, 2012
good day ladies!so here's my first beauty post for the last months favorites!!this is just actually some of it,but ill also include some new items which i recently got that im also liking.and of course if you have any questions just leave a comment or shoot me an email hugs ladies.


 a spot treatment in a gel form... a product that i never thought id like...first of all its from lush,im not a fan of their place,but recently ive been buying soaps and treatments from them,im a convert..Remember that my skin is breaking out like crazy thanks to this and some lush face soaps its now over!...almost...over..=D

got very curious about this one and since i was really looking for a product that wont break me out,that i can substitute to my estee lauder cream that absorbs twice as fast as my regular moisturizer i tried the oil out naruko line.this one gives out a cooling sensation after use,another reason why i like it.

need i say more,i love their meteorites in ball form and this is way better than that since its easier for me to pick the product up,the packaging is super elegant as expected,and not as bulky as the first one but still too big for my pouch to carry.

they have 3 shades but i got it in ivory,i was actually looking for a back up of my guerlain primer but then they dont have it on stock so i asked for a next best thing,the Shiseido sales ladies offered me this,,and you know what!!??this sucks as a primer...because its not a primer at all!which is why i got it in the first place...hehe but i love using it as a tinted moisturizer

this black soap did wonders to my skin,ill soon make a seperate post on what i used to calm my raging skin...but for now im loving this soap..i also have the Fresh Farmacy as a sample,i do love that as well but its a bit drying for me..which is kind of weird because i have seen a lot of reviews that its for sensitive skin while coal soap is for oily skin...

love the smell i use it as my night time moisturizer,im into serums now since they do sink in much faster than my regular moisturizers.

ran out of cats eye and i find this much more easier to use,and doesn't clump up as much as cats eye,but i still bought a back up of my cats eye mascara just in case hehe

8.BNC nail polish
this is my 3rd?4th ? bottle,i love the shade,love the finish,the shade makes me feel younger.=)
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