Skin Gone Wild..

Monday, August 29, 2011
just a few pics of my recent skin reaction to a still unidentified stuff,contact guessing either UDPP or the ELF highlighter...thats just the eyes...a few weeks back i started breaking out due to lack of skins having a hard time adjusting,to its surroundings..and its now time for me to help it cope up .

crying?? lol just washed my face hehe.


look at those scaly dry skin...its super itchy too!

Mind you i dont have a sensitive skin so its very rare for me to have this kind of skin first i was panicking but then....Mr R. told me to just stop using the things that ive used a few days before i got this..the bad thing is that it seems like as i scratch they tend to spread..

3 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Locke said...

i've had it check with a derma when it happened to me 1 week seems that retinoid is the culprit.after applying the cream she prescribed, the rashes were gone.i still have to continue one week though.hope you feel better soon!

Georgina said...

hi sweetie! nagpatingin ka na sa derma? i hope your skin heals real soon <3

Camille(SHOBE) said...

locke-scary how one ing can make our skin go loco..

georgina-hindi pa georgina,pero its actually getting better..thanks to emu in almost no trace na siya

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