SUBWAY WOW SULIT and Everyday Value Promo

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Heres something for those empty stomachs out there..yesterday we went to Subway and saw 2 promos launched a few weeks back i guess..Of course we took advantage of it,since that would be the smart thing to do..haha

(photo taken from subway philippines fan site)
promo period(august 16 up to sept 15)..on selected branches
I got their 6 INCH BLT which is only for Php 69.oo if you want an upgrade just add 60 pesos..


they also have the everyday value @99 R got their Subway Melt..
(for this i dont know up until when this will run,you may visit their fan site for more info)


Lil r likes them,he almost finished up daddies subway melt..then after he munched his way through the Cookies..(poor him he bumped his head while playing that day..He cried and wouldn't let me mend it with ice not until we bribed him out...
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Skin Gone Wild..

Monday, August 29, 2011
just a few pics of my recent skin reaction to a still unidentified stuff,contact guessing either UDPP or the ELF highlighter...thats just the eyes...a few weeks back i started breaking out due to lack of skins having a hard time adjusting,to its surroundings..and its now time for me to help it cope up .

crying?? lol just washed my face hehe.


look at those scaly dry skin...its super itchy too!

Mind you i dont have a sensitive skin so its very rare for me to have this kind of skin first i was panicking but then....Mr R. told me to just stop using the things that ive used a few days before i got this..the bad thing is that it seems like as i scratch they tend to spread..
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Chanel's New Mark no Longer the C

Friday, August 26, 2011
My chanel mat powder....received its own mark;no longer the very infamous C...i dont know if you can see the R somewhere on the doodle(doodle?..LOL).

i was brushing my hair when i heard lil R "mommy look i made you an R"..of course the proud mama was still unaware,cheered and praised him..."wow thats great baby"when i opened my cabinet door..i was speechless..........he carved his initials....mixed emotions....then......emptiness...


but still proud....then comes the emptiness...Bipolar much?
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Look for the Day-Golden Glow

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
another eye look great for a day/night feeling really playful this past few days,i just want to put on look after another look after another....i just cant picture myself taking my makeup on and off again and again...=p..Anyway heres something to warm up those peepers.

Golden pigments and creams shadows.

smudge out the  black eyeliner on the outer area for a more dramatic look.



were planning to take lil r to Enchanted Kingdom this sunday glad someone took out my schedule this sunday..Cant wait!

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How To:Any Day Neutrals.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Hi ladies,wasnt able to post any HOW TO's for like a month or so,that is why im very excited to make a new one last day..its not those high fashioned eye makeup looks ,this is just something that we can all wear on a regular /office or special days..NEUTRALS!

soft blend of browns...

  • 1.Eye primer ,set it with a soft beige eyebase(extend it up to the browbones) and any light brown eyeshadows
  • 2.A darker eyeshadow(MAC texture) on the outer  part of the eye blending towards the outer part of the eyesocket.
  • 3.a clean brush to blend the rest inwards.
  • 4.with a light hand line the eyes with a soft brown liner 

  • 5.smudge the outer part upwards
  • 6.with any black eyeshadow lightly define the outer area to shape.(depends on how strong you want your look to be)
  • 7.Line your upper and lower lashes with a black liner
  • 8.use the same base on your lower lashes and seal it with the same brown eyeshadow(smudge it)

Appy your mascara and line your brows to finish the LOOK!

finished look..applied mascara on my lower lashes as well.

noticed how my eyes looks more lifted.the magic of liner and mascara,great combo if you want to somehow give your eyes a little bit extra.


since this is an everyday makeup look,i applied sheer face makeups,if you want to intensify the look you may use deep shades of blush and lipsticks.=D

Products used:


  • Elf Butterscoth
  • UDPP sin
  • MAC sketch and a little folie
  • LA color mettalic eyeshadow(brown eyeshade)
  • Barenaturals from loreal(liner)
  • Maybelline liner
  • Maybelline Cat eyes Mascara
  • Clinique high impact mascara(lower lashes)

  • Blush Palette From Elianto
  • Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
  • Shiseido perfect smoothing compact.
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LBB's July Favorites

Tuesday, August 02, 2011
Good day ladies..its pouring outside,i think it never stopped raining till last night,guess me and lil r will have to cancel our bonding mall time.Anyway,its August 2nd and i think its not that late to post my Monthly Faves.. 

  • 1.OPI nail polish in Ti-Tan your Toga-this is from their greek collection,its a beige-y ashy/gray-ish shade that brighten up my nails.
  • 2.Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 30(tinted)-my skins not behaving quite well this past weeks,so to give my skin a slight color i use tinted moisturizers good thing about this one is that it feels so light and it moisturizes my skin really well
  • 3.Nivea Creme-a must for me when im in the office..i use this as my hand moisturizer keeps it soft despite the super cool environment.
  • 4.Melissa Loverbots -im more of a flat shoes lover but,this shoes are very comfy,im beginning to love melissa shoes,their jelly shoes that is..i find them cute and comfy =D
  • 5,Nivea Express hydration Body Lotion-Ive mentioned on my previous post that i now use body lotions more than the usual, i want to save my skin from breaking down due to dryness,this lotions really moisturizes my skin plus it sinks into my skin right before i put on my pants,so no icky feeling.
  • 6.Ellana lip and cheek tint-i use this everyday and im on my 3rd bottle.this is just my right kind of lip and cheek tint plus its very affordable and locally available.
  • 7.My self concoction (lip hybrids)-Stays on my lips,very pigmented and minty! will make a video post on this one.*wink*
  • 8.Channel Mat Lumiere Powder Foundation-im still searching for my Neutrogena UV compact ,but this have been on my kit to save me from meltdown,i really down use it that much just for touch ups.(im also lemming for the Maybelline dream matte pressed powder)
  • 9.Channel Hydrabase in Wild Tulip-when i dont have anything on me,i usually go for this lipstick since its rosy  plum-ish shade gives me this made up look.down side is the glitters and  that its on the hydrabase formula.
Close up of the Shoes...will soon make my fashion hauls for last week.for a change.

thanks for stopping by gals have a great week ahead. hugs
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