Product Feature-Sparkle with Nivea Sparkling White Collection

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Nivea SUN Whitening Lotion SPF 50 gives effective protection against sunburn and premature skin aging. It protects immediately upon application, no need to wait for 20 minutes. The formula with licorice extract reduces skin’s pigmentation at its source to effectively lighten the skin. It reduces melanin production responsible for dark and uneven skin tone.

The SPF 50 PA++ product also protects the skin’s collagen to help prevent 
wrinkles caused by frequent sun exposure.

whitening scrub,whitening day care(cream),and a Whitening UV almost out with the whitening foam wash(same line) which i use every other night..have not tried using the scrub yet but as far as the foam wash is concern its doing good on my breakouts nor bad skin reaction which i often get when i change my wash.."the so called Purging"will keep in touch on the updates regarding them..well interms of whitening im not that sure since i have a fair skin to start with

What it does?
Whitening from inside and outside 
Boosts skin hydration
Protection against sun damage and redarkening

will soon post my recent body lotions,Mr R was actually the one who got me into lotions,then to my surprise i saw a package from nivea with their new release of lotion..just a few weeks ago i started using body lotions regularly since working on an airconditioned office everyday resulted to skin dryness and flaking...though the dryness on my foot area remains untamed,atleast im seeing good results on my leggies.

4 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Pink MagaLine said...

Don't we just love Nivea products? :)

Camille(SHOBE) said...

We do not only i but Mr. R as well.kasi yun daw ung nakikitaan niya na may for men okay sakanya.maarte diba

maviclicious said...

hi ate shobe, ask ko lng anu bng mgndang mattifier pra s oily/acidic n face? ska anung mgndang ma-rerecommend m n foundation? thnx

Camille(SHOBE) said...

MAVS-musta mavs?locally available medyo ok sakin yung loreal magique ng loreal;pero pag full gear i use it with kryolan anti shine din..if your into thick foundies go for revlon but for me kasi its too heavy kasi for me,pero it lasts longer than most of the foundies that i own,i often mixed it with my moisturizer(oil free) too loosen up the foundation.

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