How to:Lip Hybrids-Experiment with new Shades using Your Old Ones pt2

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

remember my last post about mixing my Mac lipglass to some other lip tints that i have to make a new shade...well heres another one,got tired of using the same shade and some of them arent that wearable either ..and since im looking for a coral-ish orange-y lipstick thats stays longer without drying out my lips

heres my 2nd hybrid of MAC lipglass,with MUFE star powder,OCC lip Tars,and Ellana Lip tint..

i want it to be more coral-ish so i added a little extra coral tint.and mixed it with OCC liptars,

too faint...

just right for me

here they are my two of a kind self made mixture of lip stuff.

8 Beauty Bag Lovers:

aringkingking said...

Are those finished products of the hybrid experiment? Why does it have a black at the bottom?

Camille(SHOBE) said...

aringkingking-yes dear it is.the lipglass that i used was the blackwares.hence the black tint at the bottom.hehe.though recently i made the coral-ish a bit darker its a bit light even for me.hehe

aringkingking said...

Ah, I see. Ill try this experiment one time.

Nina said...

Oooh pretty new colors!

buy rift accounts said...

will try this out soon

MissKatv said...

pretty colors. the black part is a little bit scary lang hehe. :D would try this next time :) followed you pala :D

Obaging said...

The idea did not occur to me that it is actually possible to mix two different lip colors and come up with a lovely and unique one. I thought it would end up pretty messy.

Camille(SHOBE) said...

thanks sisters,
miss katv-thanks dear,when i grab this out of my pouch most of my officemates had the same questions..whats that black part hehe
obaging-it was actually quite messy hehe,but i had fun,though instead of adding or mixing gloss i mixed creams so that i dont have to use a lot to get the tint that i want.

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