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Wednesday, May 11, 2011
random post about my makeup fiasco,its summer yet its a bit gloomy outside,i kinda like it though,but not the fact that our weathers having its own identity crisis..confusing..i know.

gives that cats-y eye definition.plus it stretches out the length of the eye.thanks you false eyelashes!!!

nude lips and tons of highlight 

night out,pale pink blush and a touch of highlights with a warm undertone,pink lips and gloss for a wet yet sext look

something matte and vintage.

playful face...

nude lips from my hybrid lipstick,will make another post about it.

and dont forget to give your face a rest,to breathe,makeup looks pretty but less still more in my own opinion,dont stress your face with too much products and let the au naturale glow from within..

thanks for visiting,happy to update my blog atleast once a week,well thats a start.=D

2 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Shopcoholic said...

gorgeous looks shobe! kamusta na?

Mimi said...

you're so pretty!!! but the last pic, where you look very natural, still is the best =)

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