Product Swatch:Rouge G De Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact in Gala

Sunday, March 27, 2011
hello ladies!happy sunday..i know i haven't been a good blogger this past few weeks..ive been so pre occupied with lots of stuff..anyway heres a lipstick that has been on my stash for quite a while..and it deserves to have its own spotlight.

Price:Php 2350.00

Guerlain called on one of the most talented jewelers from the Place Vendome in Paris, Lorenz Baumer, to create an object of mystery and seduction: Rouge G de Guerlain. At the first click, the case reveals a stunning mirror, a promise of your own personal luxury, and then an exceptional lipstick nestled within the case. Rouge G de Guerlain surpasses mere beauty with a breathtaking formula. A precious ruby powder interacts with daylight to reveal spectacular radiance unachieved to date. At the first contact, lips are immediately defined, smoothed, plumped and hydrated.

ingredient: ruby powder, which acts as an optical whitener to bring out the colour and shine of the shades. The blend of natural active ingredients (Tiger Grass, wild mango butter, Gugul resin, used in Ayurvedic medicine) complete the formula to plump up, smooth and bring moisture and softness to your lips. 

metallic casing with a compact mirror,convenient! thing about metallic packaging is that its heavy,aside from that all i can say is this lipstick is the most elegant lip tube that ive ever seen.

The shade that i have is Gala 21..

i love how soft it looks on my lips,which is why im not afraid to wear this on a day out,its red is not too intense with one swipe but its pigmentation is amazing.(swiped once)

Vintage look much?hehe.

and this is how it looks like on a bright sunny day,5 hours on my lips and its still there..i just finished my wedding clients makeup and my brushes which was on my brush belt touched and stained my shirt.Good thing that when people passed by,they were too distracted at my shirt and much too focused on my lips hehe.


  • amazing pigmentation
  • great shade selection
  • heavenly packaging
  • lasting power is superb!
  • locally available
  • comes with mirror


  • quite heavy
  • expensive
i apologize for not updating my site that much...been very busy this past few days..godbless
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Shu Uemura Tranquil Pink Blush

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

hello ladies!its been a while!.i woke up early just to make a post,i dont have a spare time to browse anything at all,when the clock strikes 8(am)..and at night right after work,well i spend a quality time with the little one.And yes the reason of my absence is that i now have a Job,though were still training,its eating most of the time that i have for my friends and such =D..but no worries ill try to blog when i have the chance..i cant help not to enough rambling heres a review for you guys.=D

Size: 0.17 o

A single-shade, pressed powder blush from shu uemura. What it does: Glow On enhances the natural glow of the cheeks. What else you need to know: Revitalize your look this Spring with shu uemura's limited edition Rebirth collection. Inspired by the purity, energy, and innocence of the spring season, Mr. Uemura designed the 126th Mode Makeup collection to celebrate its 40th anniversary using a combination of soft and vivid hues embellished with a unique and graceful leaf motif to communicate the revitalization of nature occurring at this time of year. 

here is the actual product swatch on my nc25 skin..its not as pink as i thought,but on the good side,i love how it looks on my skin.the finish is satin-y as well but whenever i want to tone down or cancel the "shimmer" i just use my kryolan anti shine.

tranquil pink on top of a powder foundation,the lighting on this photo is much better,no flash.

with flash....the shade for me isnt as pink as when i pictured the word "tranquil pink" has a hint of peachy hue which i obviously love,since they look more natural on me than pinks,though i still love pink blushes im now beginning to appreciate the shades of apricots,peach,corals as well

tranquil pink on top of revlon colorstay liquid foundation.

tranquil pink on top of a BB cream,i used my natural bristled brush on this look to blend out the blush,and topped it with a mattifying powder to cancel the shine out.

fully made look with tranquil pink as a blush

pigment wise it doesnt show up on me quite much,i have to do a couple of swipes or more depending on what foundation i have.but that is just the thing that i noticed which i didnt like,aside from that i love how it compliments my skintone,and how soft and muted it looks on my cheeks.
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How To:All about Lip Liners Plus Wet and Wild Lip liner review

Sunday, March 13, 2011
Some time last month i made the "To lip line or not to Lip Line" Post,and many of you probably knew the wonders of Lip lining by now..but for those who are still asking "why should i use a lip liner?"..well,its not a necessary step for some but will answer that one a little later.Before that i want to share with you guys my most used lip liners as of the moment.

Creamy lip defining color glides on to prevent lipstick feathering..

Top-Fab Fuchsia/Bottom-Willow

I just love how pink the fuchsia is..its my mac nouveau in pencil form.on the other hand i use willow for those neutral days..of course when i have this on my lipstick shade changes from their usual shade.

and here is LIP TIP number 1.-Use a lipliner that is closest to your lipstick shade..or use a neutral lipliner..Why??as i have said it will change the lipsticks original shade.

Bare moisturized Lips-

Here is willow..instead of outlining my lips,i lined it inside,look how messy i lined my lips..(upper right..and sides)

LIP TIP-Always always moisturize your lips before applying your lipliner or lipstick...wait for it to absorb the product before applying anything or else it'll only smear.If im in a hurry usually i blot the excess lipbalm with a tissue..or dab some powder on my lips then i line them.i noticed that whenever i forget to use my lipbalm,i couldnt create a complete sharp edge lip.
another tip-Cooling  your lip pencil by refrigeration before using it can create sharp edge lips.

Fab Fuchsia Lip love=D

Another thing,see how it accentuates my lip line...i applied the lipliner without using any does make my lipstick lasts longer compared to just applying my lipstick alone..


Why use them?

  • Gives definition on the lips
  • Prevents the lipstick from bleeding specially those dark pigmented shades.
  • Lip liners can be used to line or reshape the lips(curve,thickness,asymmetrical lips)
  • Adds vibrancy to the lipsticks shade.
here are some tips on different cosmetic brands that ive found over the net.

Bobbi Brown:
Apply Lip Liner after Lip Color, or before Lip Gloss. For the most natural look, make sure the tip is softly rounded

Pat Mcgrath from Dolce and Gabbana
"My rule for lip liner is that when it is darker than lipstick, it is dated! Try to match liner as closely as possible to the lipstick for a modern lip look. I like to apply lip liner through a series of inward strokes, which helps blend the liner into the lip colour."

To create a polished lip look, define lips by applying Lipliner to the natural line of your lips. To further increase the wear of your lipstick, fill in lips completely with Lipliner and apply your favorite lip color.

For high-definition makeup, choose a Lip Liner shade close to that of your Rouge Interdit. Outline your lips with precision to sculpt sensual volume. For longer hold, colour in the lips entirely. Then apply your lipstick, but not too heavily so that the colour stays fresh.

MakeUp Forever-
For high-definition makeup, choose a Lip Liner shade close to that of your Rouge Interdit. Outline your lips with precision to sculpt sensual volume. For longer hold, colour in the lips entirely. Then apply your lipstick, but not too heavily so that the colour stays fresh.

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Shiseido Perfect Smoothing Compact

Sunday, March 06, 2011
Another Powder foundation review..yeah ive been looking,and so far ive met chanel and recently i came across this one...Tried to swatch this when we visited MOA(mall of asia) and i was amazed by its creamy texture..

An ultra-fine powder foundation with a beautiful, smooth texture.Shiseido The Makeup Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation SPF 15 is formulated with micro-coating technology and a flexible smoothing powder to glide evenly over all skin, even the driest types.

Formulated with moisturizing ingredients-Royal Jelly Extract,HydroWrap.
Contains Micro-Smoothing Complex,a Shiseido-exclusive ingredient that protects against the harmful substance that accelerates decline in barrier function,which can cause skin roughening

Separate cozy compartment to rest your sponge

Left-Without foundation/Right-With Shiseido Perfect Smoothing foundation

Shiseido FPerfect Smoothing Powder on top of Revlon photoready..i applied it using a sponge..and that was a mistake on my part, i shouldve used a powder brush,it felt heavy and looks quite thick up close

But from this angle It looks really nice.i love how matte my face looked after application...i love seeing my face like this since its a rare sight for me.

What i Like:

  • Nice Coverage
  • Shade perfectly match my skin
  • Doesnt feel thick
  • Looks nice on photos
  • Seperate compartment for the sponge
  • Creamy and light texture
  • Finely Milled

What i Dont Like:

  • May sometimes look cakey if not applied lightly
  • Case and the refill is sold seperately

-i prefer to use it on its own instead of using this on top of my liquid foundation,it looks too thick for me.

Staying power is a bit above not disappointed and i was not amazed either

visit their facebook Page: shiseido philippines
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Another Funny Antics and Stuff

Saturday, March 05, 2011
Hello again...just want to share some random pics of mine,during the past few weeks.Heres what ive become hehe.

Now this is what i call MultiTasking....Ice Cream at 2am,Guilt free!!Let me Burn those Calories as well.oh lets not forget im posing and reading a book.ALL at the same time..

My friends Super Cute Sugar Glider...scares the Hell out of me when i tried to touch it...but i still want one..

Yeah..Cheesy right?couple shirts..

My favorite chocolate from have her companion...aahh sweet..literally and figuratively speaking

Who knew...why do i have that look??well try to hold your legs at that angle and you'll know why

Reason why spongebob should remain at Bikini Bottom...

Never attempt to match your Skintone with your Shirt,and your Bag..during DAYLIGHT!

Not to worry still Sane..Sanity is still far as i know..LOL.
Godbless and have a humorous day
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Chanel Mat Lumiere Luminous Matte Powder

Friday, March 04, 2011
One of my must haves is Powder Foundations..My Oily Skin prefers it more than the Liquid ones,its just that sometimes it lacks the staying power that BB creams or liquid foundations sealed with powder have.Not until i found my Neutrogena UV compact...ive hit so many neutrogena Uv compact pan,and now my last Neutrogena compact have hit the pan as well,unfortunately the SA told me that theyve discontinued that product already...So goodbye Neutrogena will keep on looking for you for now ill say Hello to Chanel..

Price:3450.00 Php./Whereabouts-Shangri-la Rustans.

Chanel's Description:
     A powdery compact texture for a velvety, perfect complexion. Shiny areas are mattified and imperfections are concealed.
     A flawless complexion for 12 hours.The powdery formula of MAT LUMIÈRE blends delicately into the skin. Micronized talc and spherical and lamellar powders ensure a matte, luminous finish. Shiny areas are mattified and the complexion looks even.Imperfections are instantly concealed and the radiance of the face is revealed.Silicone polymers in the formula optimize the hold of foundation. The complexion looks flawless from morning until evening: even, velvety and embellished.
      Apply to entire face with the sponge used dry for a natural semi-matte finish or dampened for a semi-matte velvety finish with longer hold. Ideal for touch-ups during the day.Practical and easy to refill.

i replace the sponge every 3 weeks.since i rarely use it and they say its a good harbouring spot for bacterias...My shade is Poudre-50

Same as their Chanel Extreme and Vita its refillable..unlike my Shiseido i love its clicking lock for the refills.

side by side comparison with Mac Studio Fix powder foundation NC25

Swatch.clearly mac gives off a better coverage

See how it matches my skin,as if im wearing nothing.

It did not conceal some of my red spots but,honestly i like it that way..i still want my skins natural glow to be seen underneath the foundation,another thing is that it also managed to brighten up and somehow hide some flaws.

Chanels Foundation is a luxurious product to own..You will definitely feel it the time you purchased it..or after you see the bill from your Credit Card.

Final Say:This is a great foundation to have,creamy texture,nice finish,great packaging..ill stick with this one for the mean time..and if the Neutrogena UV compact wont hit the market again,i might stay with chanel,atleast ill only have to purchase their refill,or a much cheaper one.Ill keep on looking and will update you guys on my powder foundation ventures.=D

Staying power/Oil Control:3/5
OVERALL rating:4/5

Thanks for visiting guys.

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Good day to all,this is just a preview post on the products that im loving and continuously using this past few weeks...i was about to go out,when i noticed that i keep on using the same product almost everyday and since i never had any post on my monthly picks,this is just the right time for me to show them,knowing that some items might tickle your fancy.

  • 1-PUREDERM Magic Beauty BB Cream
  • 2-Bvlgari perfume in Amethyste
  • 3-Davines Defining Gloss
  • 4-Shu Uemura Venus Pink
  • 5-Estee Lauder Pleasures Perfume
  • 6-Estee Lauder Time Zone Night
  • 7-Wet and Wild Lip liner in Willow
  • 8-Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Balm
  • 9-Sephora Eyeshadow in Aspen

ive been using this almost feels light my skin looks healthy and glowing with it plus it doesnt clog my pores...=D
  • 2-Bvlgari perfume in Amethyste
Bvlgari Amethyste is the first or second perfume that did not fade completely on me,the scent still lingers on my shirt the next day,when i pulled out the laundry..i love that it doesnt smell too sweet or too fruity..this is my kind of perfume..
  • 3-Davines Defining Gloss

Davines Defining system Defining Gloss well this makes my hair shine and frizz free..Honestly i have Frizzy wavy unhealthy damaged hair...
  • 4-Shu Uemura Venus Pink

Shu uemura Venus pink--aside from its cute packaging well i love how it stays on me and how nice it looks on my lips with its golden sparkles..

Estee lauder Perfume in Pleasures-i dont know if its just me but this kind of reminds me of bvlgari only EL has a more Feminine scent.

Estee Lauder Time Zone Night-Love the Scent,its moisturizing ability and how light it feels on me
  • 7-Wet and Wild Lip liner in Willow

Wet and wild Lip liner in Willow-my everyday lipliner.
  • 8-Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Balm

Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Balm Spf 25-i have oily Skin but this product regardless of its Herby Smell and somewhat Moisturizing property that upon swatching or trying it on might tow away some oily skinned gals like actually looks great on my skin and the oily feeling fades off after a few minutes.
  • Sephora Aspen Eyeshadow-My favorite eyeshadow/highlighter as of the moment

Let me know what products you want me to review,since Ive been using them for quite some time now(3-6 weeks),which is my viability to make a review.Also i already have a review on some of them just click the link to redirect you on the Products Review.

thank you for visiting and have a nice days people.St.Jude Novena Day today.=D

  • Products were bought by me except for the Purederm BB cream and EL time zone Night which was sent for review,honest opinion was applied without any alteration from what i have experienced upon using the product.
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