To Lip Line or Not To Lip Line

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Im not that fond of using lip liners when i first exposed myself into the world of makeup artistry,not knowing its benefits i just ignored them,and it didnt bother me at all if some of my friends would use lipliner and i dont....
But when i bought the Summer Sunset Lipstick from maybelline i noticed that it easily bleeds and fades compared to my friend who lined her lips prior to applying lipstick..since then,i can create any shape depending on what mood i am in.

Heart Shape lips(nichido red lip liner with Summer sunset lipstick from maybelline)

as the name suggest its main purpose is to line our lips and make it more defined,not only that we also extend it inside and cover the whole lips much like making a base prior to applying a lipstick,hence making it bolder and stay longer

A smaller heart shape lips,if you want to define your lips,then go and grab yourself your own lip liner

not only that it makes the lipshade more also adds a much cleaner look.

 just got out of bed,i just played with my lip liner and 3 red lip shades..see how red lips gives out a powerful look.

and here is my lips without any wearing my estee lauder lipstick..

LBB Tips:
  • if you have thick lips you may line your lips slightly inside your natural lip shape.then apply a concealer on the border for more definition
  • if you have thin lips,then line your lips slightly outside your natural lip shape.then fill the whole lips,defining the cupids bow and making the lower lips slightly thicker than the upper.
  • if you have uneven lip shape then lipliner will be your bestfriend.just make the shape adjustment that you prefer then fill it in and then apply your lipstick.same principles if you have shapeless lips.
  • I also like to dab a mattifying powder after i fill in my lips using a lip liner before i use my lipstick,just to add an extra hold and barrier for my lips.

10 Beauty Bag Lovers:

♥Nehs♥ said...

to line! i love that red lipstick on your lips, very sexy.

Camille(SHOBE) said...

hehe thanks too i really wish na pwede ko siya gamitin without people staring at my lips that much hehe

Nhoel said...

yup, you should wear it when you're full awake na, wag yung bagong gising. =)

Camille(SHOBE) said...

hehe,i couldnt agree more!..=D.

PopBlush said...

Great lip tips! Ive also recently realised the goodness of lipliners, hehe.

Yes, My shiseido gloss pairs very well over pigmented nude lipsticks. :)


Before i could live without lipliners but now i can't parang feeling ko may kulang if i don't use it. The red lipstick looks stunning on you:-)

Askmewhats said...

When it comes to really dark, pigmented lipcolor, to line talaga :)

Happy Valentine's Day :) Red lips look wonderful on you BTW!

Dangski said...

I'm a virgin to lipliners, so thank you for the tips. I'm trying it out! *fingers crossed* You look so sexy paggising , Shobe! =)

Camille(SHOBE) said...

POPBLUSH-hehe thats a pretty gloss you have there.

Mina-hehe me too,i sometimes forget to moisturize my lips before lining,i notice that it makes the dent on my lips more obvious..thanks sis

nikki-kudos on that one.much noticeable kasi if it bleeds.happy V day to you and your family din nikki

Camille(SHOBE) said...

dang-hehe thank u dang,wow sexy...ill wear red lipstick na always haha.

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