Swatch:Milani Wild Violets

Tuesday, February 08, 2011
Good Day guys,i was browsing my facebook account and most status that i had seen was about "february as a love month" kind of posts,and since im not that familiar with the history of this month,the cupid,and valentines a bit puzzled on how everything started..hehe.And i will certainly do some info check behind them.So before i start rambling again about random unrelated personal thoughts,let me now introduce you to another Milani Quad Palette.
I already made a swatch post on Milani's Earthly Delights, and was impressed by its pigmentation and's another quad that i love from milani.

Milani Wild Violets..create a smoky look,day look,night classy look with this palette..i love purple eyeshadows..they look good on most skintones.

Smooth in texture,pigmented,pretty shades that compliments and blends well with each other


eye looks:
here is a look that i made using this palette.

with mac indianwood paintpot as a base..

  • Pigmented
  • Inexpensive
  • Nice Shade Combination
  • Easy to blend
  • Not chalky(specifically this palette)
  • Not locally available.

  • Disclaimer : This makeup review is based solely on my experience with the product

5 Beauty Bag Lovers:


I had this before and i remember liking it too-i love purples!:-)

Anonymous said...

they are nice colors. i love anything from the purple shade.

your eye makeup looks good together with your purple contacts :)

thanks for the review!

Tifa Mai said...

I LOVE the look you did!! Soo pretty. :) Your eyes look gorgeous!! I really want this palette!! Purple eyeshadow is the 'in' colour right now, so this is great.

Shopcoholic said...

lovely shades Shobe! san mo to nabili?

Camille(SHOBE) said...

mina-hehe me too i love purples i guess kasi any given day and occasion suited siya for me friend thought that purple eyeshadow with purple lenses is a no no but hey i just said i love purple hehe

tifa-super blendable palette plus purple shades are flexible they can be smoked out neutralize classy and so on.glad you like them dear

khymm-bigay siya sakin khymm hehe.havent seen it on ebay i was looking for other shades as well

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