I have a very stubborn hair,to the point that whenever i flat-iron my hair i can still see the dents,waves and untamed fly aways..Plus i spend too much time ironing my hair,just to find out that after 2-3 hours it goes back to its previous state again...Frizzy,dry and wavy..And so to correct them out,i got this..
L'Oreal StudioLine Hot Straight Heat-Activated Straightening Cream Heat Protection:
  • Heat-activated straightening cream developed for use with straightening irons and blow dryers
  • New Thermo-Protect technology helps protect hair from heat styling damage, locks out humidity and helps improve straightening
  • Hair is silky, protected and kept intact

pea sized amount,already spread it on my palms.
Start with damp hair. Rub on ample amount of cream in hands and apply to hair by running hands through hair, avoiding roots. Completely dry hair using a blow dryer. Divide hair with a wide-tooth comb into small 1-inch sections and iron. Style any way you choose.

i prefer air drying,my hair seems to feel much softer when air-dried.I seldomly use Hair Blowers not unless im running late for something..

See how flat and neat my hair looks like,as compared to my frizz fiesta photo,i can really see and feel the difference when i use this prior to ironing and when im not.

Things that i like:

  • A little goes a long way
  • Makes it easier and faster for me to iron my hair
  • Makes my hair shine naturally.
  • Protects my hair from further damage from the irons heat
  • Hair stays straight for long periods of hours without looking wavy

Things that i Dont Like:

  • Nothing..i guess theres only a few stocks of this left or if not none..cant seem to find it on any malls lately.
  • Some might find the scent too overpowering 

and now for the finishing touch.L'oreal Smooth Perfect Instant Control Liquid,for that frizzless softer looking hair.I always use this as my finishing product whenever i use my flat-iron.

i dont know why they call it Liquid...the hot straight looks more diluted and runny in consistency compared to this.

i just Brush my fingers through my hair to distribute the product evenly,after that i just brush my hair to style/fix it up.

Sleek and Straight...shiny looking hair..

Things that i like:

  • Controlled hair with no stiffness
  • Natural finish
  • No hair Clumping after brushing my hair
  • Doesn't affect my Hairs Volume.
  • Doesnt feel and look Greasy on my hair
  • Pump Packaging
  • Makes my hair shine!!

Things that i dont:

  • Discontinued(cant find it on watsons)
  • If applied more than what i need,my hair tends to feel heavy and quite stiff(i this happens i just brush my hair several times or run my fingers through them)

3 Beauty Bag Lovers:

♥Nehs♥ said...

how much for the StudioLine Hot Straight, Shobe? i might try. thanks for the review.

Iyah said...

yOU have gorgeous, healthy hair!! :)

Camille(SHOBE) said...

nehs-400 something achi,forgot the exact price..hehe

Iyah-thanks ms iyah.well naturally its different hehe,i have frizzy sensitive scalp.

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