Hair care Products are a staple in our daily must use routine, to save ourselves from having a bad hair day and in my case adding more damage to my already damaged hair.Anyway here's my current Shampoo and Hair mask from Loreal..

Shampoo:Php 139.00
Hair Mask:Php 375.00
Expert care for dry,frizzy and rebellious hair.4x smoother, sleeker hair.

2 Precious Ingredients: Nutrileum + Silk Protein
For the first time, from the L'Oreal Laboratories, they have combined its patented ingredients Nutrileum, a combination of a nutritive micro-oil and a smoothing agent, with Silk Protein, known for its smoothness and thermo-resistance, to deliver a double action.

1. Intense nutrition: the creamy formula nourishes and calms your hair from root to tip for an easy and homogenous smoothness.
2. Anti-Frizz 48hours: like a shield, the formula helps protect your hair against the effect of humid or dry condition, such as frizz and puffiness.

Click photo:

My hair after using Loreal elseve anti frizz shampoo..i noticed that not only did it make my hair manageable but the smell also stayed longer than my previous shampoos

after still looks good.

loreal elseve smooth intense repair mask..been using it every week,i like the smell of this one compared to Lorys,but Lorys scent clings on my hair much longer.

here is my hair with just the loreal elseve shampoo (left) and my hair with loreal elseve shampoo plus the loreal elseve smooth intense repair mask hair spa..noticed how the repair mask made my hair glossier.

I like the Loreal elseve anti frizz shampoo,its inexpensive,one factor that made me like it is the Smell,it should lasts for hours or better yet the whole hair is naturally wavy and frizzy,so im used to seeing myself looking like i just got out of a cat-fight or something,yes it did tame and made it more manageable,so im keeping this one for the mean time..i tend to change variants if not the shampoo itself since my scalp tends to develop dandruff if i use a product longer than 6 mos..w/o using my derma's shampoo,which by the way makes my hair super dry and brittle,so whenever i brush my hair,they shed or break as i drag the brush..but with Loreal elseve,brushing and hair falls is never an issue..

On the Smooth intense repair mask,its inexpensive..this one is a keeper for me, .since i only use this once or twice a week,i love the smell,the smoothness,the gloss,the way it makes my hair straighter ,manageable,softer and moisturizes my hair really well.The only thing that i don't like is the way i keep on dipping my fingers on the can use a spatula if you want,for hygienic reasons.

Same as any other personal care products,you have to use them religiously,or as recommended for it to work..

5 Beauty Bag Lovers:

coffretgorge said...

hi camille! wow, the elseve hair mask made your hair look shinier and more manageable! i will try that after i finish my current stash ;)

RYC: thank you for your kind comment on my recent post. that JS primer is a killer! :P

Anonymous said...

im interested with that hair mask!
thanks for the review!

Nava.K said...

what a coincidence, I bought the anti frizz mask just few days back and just tried once, don't see much effects, maybe will try a few more times to see what happens.

Maria said...

I'm glad you like the shampoo. I tried it once but I ended up getting flakes. :c

Camille(SHOBE) said...

coffret-thanks sis,i really dont have an HG shampoo since my scalp tend to react and flake if i use it longer than 3 months..i have an iner sensitive scal.hehe yeah that JS primer was such a silent killer..

Reina-if ever my scalp would get tired of this ill try a different variant hehe

Nava is!!try to use it as much as possible,i tend to do that as well...but a friend told me that the reason they have recommended time for you to apply a product works the same in terms of how long you will have to use a product for it to work..

Maria-me too well not on this one..YET..but for the past shampoos that i have tried after using them for months i tend to develop this reaction in where i flake and the results weren't as great as it was,then i itch..hehe.will update this post if ever that happens while im on elseve

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