Look for the Night-Date Night

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Last month ago,i was looking for this photos,since im planning to upload and make a post about them,and just yesterday they magically* appeared in my computer folders..all i did was scratch my head.hehe.okay so here i am now doing what i shouldve done 30 days ago...=D this is the look that i had on when me and Mr. R went out on a Date.

Shimmers made the look more classy and the falsies helped in shaping my eyes

 Products Used:
  • Shu uemura Pro SPot Concealer
  • Beauty Magic BB Cream
  • Shu Uemura Tranquil Blush
  • Clinique Lipstick
  • Love and Beauty Pink Blush
Products Used:
  • Maybelline Pencil liner White
  • Styli Style Glitter Liner
  • in2it Brow Powder
  • falsies from Landmark
  • Revlon Pencil Liner(black)
  • Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascra
  • 88 Matte Palette
  • Sephora Aspen Eyeshadow
  • Mac BrowSet in Beguile

before eating we played our way to hunger...=D

we were supposed to go to Yakimix but the line was way too long for us..so we opted for Crustacia instead

Dont mind the Lolli ..im quite exhausted to get that out of my mouth for a shot.

this is one of the reason why i love wearing BB creams...glowing skin even after a strenuous activity.

5 Beauty Bag Lovers:

rosey said...

pretty! =)

Askmewhats said...

Agree on the BB cream thing! I used to think I look like "basura" but when you see the photos, your skin isn't that bad with bb cream on right? Of course the right type :)

The Kikay Girl said...

Love the look! :)

Iyah said...

You look gorgeous!!!

Camille(SHOBE) said...

nikki-so true!yung pawis plus bb cream = mala sparkly glowing face hehe in a good way though

iyah-thank you iyah!!i love the curls!!!!!ganda

kikay thanks sis

rosey-thanks dear

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