Look for the Day-Happy Fusion of Bright Shades

Thursday, February 10, 2011
i know this may sound too weird for some of you,nevertheless i still want to share a hobby that im currently enjoying...and its DANCE REVOLUTION...yeah i know that youve heard of it,its a good workout plus its super fun..i dont mind if people were to watch me while im missing all those arrows.haha.
 Anyway enough about that here is a look that i seem to really like a lot..i mean how i wish,that i can wear them out,the shades make me smile by just looking at them.

Products used:
  • Mufe aqua color in 21 mixed with white eyeliner
  • L.A colors metallic eyeshadows soiree
  • 88 matte palette(light blues and purple)
  • Maybelline felt tip pen liner
  • Lancome Definicils Mascara
  • TFS brow powder(brown)
  • Etude House white pencil liner
  • Maybelline 2 in 1 studio liner in Blue
  • Mineral Eyeshadow (aqua blue shade)
  • Falsies from Landmark
More eyeshots:(different angles)

i added a shimmery eyeshadow that has the same hue as my base,its not pigmented but it gives a very nice shine,much like mufe diamond powders.

as always a small winged liner gives the look that extra oomph..and since i want to give my eyes a lifting look i slightly angled the outer part of my falsies on the direction of my winged liner.(3/4 lashes)

Blended a blue eyeliner from Maybelline(waterline)with the silver liner from etude,mac paintpot bare study and a black liner on my lower lashine..

Products Used:
  • Maybelline Mineral liquid foundation
  • Forever21 love and beauty blush(makeup set)
  • Meow Cosmetics Mineral Makeup
  • Wet and Wild Lip liner

Face Shots

I dyed my hair lighter,sadly i cannot use my extensions outside,since they obviously looked different under natural lighting

Hope you like this look =D
Tip:Great eye looks can be achieved by proper blending..Blend those shades until you cant see any edgy lines where the shadows meet.

12 Beauty Bag Lovers:

donnarence said...

i really like the colors camille. very far from the neutrals you always do.. do more of these.. they are refreshing indeed

rainbowninja said...

nice eye make up!:)

Abbie♥ said...

i LOVE the color! you're such an artist! :D oh, in the first few photos, you look caucasian! :P hehe

CHARRY said...

wow very pretty! ;) love the colors!

Pammy said...

I love the color combination. Very pretty and vibrant! So youthful too.

Camille(SHOBE) said...

donna-thank you donna,now that youve mentioned it,i will definitely do more thanks!

rainbow-thanks dear,appreaciate it

abbie-hehe i love it when people calls me an artist coz of what i do,it really inspires me.thanks abbie..

Camille(SHOBE) said...

charry-thanks sis.i know youre into vibrant shades.glad you like it

pams-thanks pam.it did captured the reflects of the minerals eyeshadow.

eyerin said...

love love the color....bright happy and uplifting mood type of color

Tifa Mai said...

Babe, this is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it!! I wanna try this look out ASAP next time I have a night out/party !! And you look stunning as well . <3

Camille(SHOBE) said...

eyerin-thanks eyerin happy to hear that its a look that uplifts the mood hehe hugs

tifa mai-HI!!! thanks tifa!!i can feel the aura of your comment hehe.glad that you like it as well..it'll look great on night outs!

Shopcoholic said...

super bagay on you Shobe! I think all shades will suit you coz maputi ka =)

Camille(SHOBE) said...

khymm-thanks khymm.hehe i agree this might not suit well with darker skintones,since its too bright.ill try to do this naman with my cousin na may darker skintone than mine

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