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Saturday, February 26, 2011
Moisturizers? i cant get enough of them..Serums,Oils, and stuff that will make my skin revitalized and Plumped up with healthy glow,of course it have to be non comodogenic and oil-free,thats the kind of stuff that you will find on my Skin care Stash...I admit that im hooked into anything that will promise a healthy,MOISTURIZED,well-rested skin..but of course i do my own research in terms of their benefits,ingredients,raves,and whereabouts first before purchasing or trying the product myself..Just to make sure my skin is safe,because honestly trying something new is already a risk for ones skin..since most of us can never tell how will our skin react.

One night is what it takes to start looking 10 years younger.Inspired by the science of cellular regeneration, Estée Lauder Research takes you to a younger time zone overnight.In fact, every single woman tested woke up to smoother, more hydrated, comfortable skin.And in just 1 week, women thought their skin looked younger.

This age-defying moisturizer works overnight to help dramatically reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.Our exclusive Sirtuin EX1 Technology helps reverse the appearance of aging for a years-younger look-more lineless,radiant and rested.Helps support skin's nightly restorative actions including natural collagen production with an amino acid complex.
And while you sleep, the soothing scent calms and relaxes.
Use it with Time Zone day creme and look 10 years younger in just 4 weeks.

The product isnt too thick unlike any other night creams,the thing that i love with this one is the smell...i think Estee lauder skin care products have a distinctive scent.a soft hint of floral-ish nature fragrance.

i dont have to apply too much product on,since the cream is not that thick,i can easily spread it on my face.
I tested this product for 3 weeks and i did saw some improvement in terms of moisturization, and skin softness,did not see any improvement on my fine lines though(yes i do have a few 20's expression lines already..=(..).But thats really not my concern..since i havent used it that long for me to see its full effect.I just want to have a healthy glowing plumped up well-rested skin.
Of course before i used this i have to exclude my other skin care products just to see how well this works on its own...Let me list down the items i used along side Estee's Time Zone:
  • Garnier Pen Spot Treatment(the Blueish one)
  • Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Eye Cream
Every night same time as i apply my creams and serums i always massage my face..also i make sure that my skin had absorbed the product first before i rest my head onto my pillow.
If i would recommend this to someone,it will have to be those who have very dry maturing skin,which looks tired and stressed out..

Right after i woke skin is at its best condition..because its all plumped up with moisture from the night before.Which Mr.R noticed as well.I dont know but upon waking up,i thought my skin would feel and look oily,but that wasnt the case at have this healthy glow non oily matte-ish skin.I guess my skin doesn't produce much oily when im asleep.=D

Things that i Like:
  • Non Greasy
  • Didnt Broke me out
  • Plumped up my Skin with Moisture the next morning
  • Leaves my skin Soft and Smooth
  • Doesnt Feel Heavy on my Skin
  • Locally Available.
  • Nice Fresh Floral scent
Things that i did not like:
  • Packaging.(im not a fan of Pots or Tubs as well as repeated finger dipping.)
  • Some might Find it Pricey.
Of all the products that EL offers,their skin cares is always on my top lists,although i quite agree that some of them are a bit pricey,still the EL's products that i have tried delivers great results,and im not lifting my own chair guys,at first i actually did not see any improvement until..Mr R. and my cousins noticed how my skin changes from good to better.

LBB's Tip:Always do some research first before purchasing any skin care products,try to find a review who has similar skin condition as you are,but dont rely on how the product works on her/him just yet,make what you've found a basis,since each product works differently on some individuals.

im Glad that Estee Lauder gave my skin the opportunity to try the Time Zone Night.Thank you.

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The Kikay Girl said...

I love Estee products :)

melandria said...

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Camille(SHOBE) said...

kikay-same eyeing on their makeups as well.

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