On Life's Predicament-Venturing the Reality of Adult Self Productivity

Monday, January 17, 2011
Okay so a little while ago i was just sitting in front of the computer,and i was just looking at it for a few minutes with a blank stare,a question suddenly popped into my mind..."what was i supposed to do...and what will i do next..",and so i straighten my back,pulled the chair closer to the screen and browsed a community social sites,i saw a lot of my high school,college and even childhood photos..of course by that time...life events flashed back one by one..the people i have met,the achievements that i had,the problems and obstacles that Ive encountered,and the loving people that stayed up until this very moment.
then i came to realize,the question that keeps on making a scene at the back of my mind,"what was i supposed to do,and what will i do next?",im not sure if this is the first time that i asked that to myself,or was i asking that same question ever since i had the autonomy to decide not only for myself but for others as well...lets not deny the fact that often times,someone might or have already asks you whether to take part in their decision or to make the decision yourself for their sake,may it be something small,like a place to hang or something big that might cause that person an emotional turmoil.

Its easier for me to make the decision for myself rather than to make a decision for others,though im not saying that its an easy move per se,its easier but when its just me..Planning works but,sometimes,when i plan,it doesn't always comes up smoothly like i pictured it would be.You cant also plan your entire life ahead IMHO.
Decisions are one of the hardest thing that i had confronted and will continue to face.Now that im finished with my studies,i have a lot of free time on my schedule,sometime;in our life,REALITY will surely strike us,no matter what path or direction we take,and then it'll be just a matter of minutes or days until we or i snapped and came to my senses, that i need to be productive...i have to do something,Got to find myself a JOB!..its not only for financial purposes but for self worth and self productivity as well.

My Dad once told me "wala talagang mangyayari,kung hindi ka kikilos",not only that he's telling the truth but,also those words brought my focus back,that question,which i know most of you have asked or asking right this very moment or after reading this post to yourself...do you have something in mind?...the what was i supposed to do...the things that you should have done,but neglected the idea of making it happen...and what will i do next?-since you're too laid back,this might be the after question to that neglected idea..or you're simply just asking yourself what will be your next move...DECISIONS will be made,CHOICES will be done..but remember, no matter how big or small it may be,just picture how a small second may change ones future already,what more if you interject them with time.As for now,what i have is my self assertiveness,Love,Faith,and ambitions...of course i have my own plans..goals..and dreams,and i know that someday,with gods grace it'll happen and ill make it happen.

So hello World Here I Come!!. Have a nice weekdays people.Godbless =D

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