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Tuesday, January 18, 2011
going somewhere?and you need to dress up,look classy and's a simple makeup tutorial(picture) on how to achieve a very classy and simple neutral eye look..hope you guys like it.

Products used:

1.apply base..any earth toned cream based eyeshadow
2.a bronze shade of eyeshadow(estee lauder cinnamon eyeshadow)/apply it on top of the cream base blending just above the natural crease line eyeshadow similar to mac blacktied(revlon black galaxy eyeshadow)/apply it on the outer part of the eye forming a small  lifted vertical V apply if you want to intensify the look.

5.Satin coral eyeshadow.(revlon satin in nude Slip) use it to blend out the lines of the cream and the black galaxy eyeshadow...start on the outer part blending inwards
6.sample eye
7.apply your liner..make a small wing for a lifted cat eye effect
8.depending on your mood,you may want to either apply a brown or black liner on the water my case i want it in brown.

9.use the bronze eyeshadow to blend out the liner on the lower lashes
10.curl lashes and apply mascara.
11.make sure not to leave any blank space on the outer canthus of the eyes..close and tight line it.

simple yet pretty..neutrals are the best look for any occasions

thats it for me ladies..thanks for visiting and again im off to do something productive,ill apply for my first job ever,ill just have to send out my resume a bit nervous..i really adore hard working women,well that goes the same with men but you get my point..have a nice one on me guys ^_^ love yah!

7 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Geli said...

lovely neutral! :D
Good luck! :D

Charming Vanity said...

I love the look! Gorgeous....

donnarence said...

godbless on your job hunting shobe

Pammy said...

Perfect for everyday look, Cams. Simple yet pretty. :P

aisyah De Cullen said...

That looks really good! good luck on your job hunting! ^^

Camille(SHOBE) said...

thank you clue on how to do it but,hey ill find one cause im hunting

Julia Mathias said...

Good luck with the job! This one is a little too subdued for me, but it's still pretty!

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