How To: Tie A Tie(Full Windsor Method)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
So..i know that most of us knows how to make a knot,and we've been taught how to tie our shoes at an early age as well,but as an adult theres something new that we must know,that is somewhat related to tying..and that is...

learning how to tie a may already know the simple necktie method so here's another way to make those ties look..well neat!

  • put your tie in place.same as the first photo above.the narrow end,should be leveled at the middle part of the opposite tie side.
  • overlap them with the long tie side on top forming an X
  • Put the long tie side underneath the short tie placing it back to its original side.(straighten it sideways)
  • loop it on top of the short tie side,covering the folds

  • place the long tie side in between the tie's front collar part
  • Pull it
  •  wrap it underneath the knot placing it on the opposite side
  • Loosen the last wrap that youve made to make a small opening

  • Insert the long tie side inside the opening(1st and 2nd photo)
  • Pull the long tie side neatly,then tighten,and push the tie up
  • fold the Collar Down

and that is your full Windsor Method =D

Be sure to match your tie with your Shirt,on my model,i used a slanted design necktie though the polka dotted one looked much better when he had it on,the Chrome-ish,neutral squares and circles,Diamond design ones looks weird when paired with his shirt

its something i like to do for my Man..a small act of tying,means something more to them..thats what i believe..

3 Beauty Bag Lovers:

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

haha cool post!!!

Luna said...

Good post! I love to tie my bf's ties :)

Camille(SHOBE) said...

becky-thanks becks haha,i just found out that we have over 50 ties

luna-thanks luna.thats very sweet!!!

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