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Thursday, January 06, 2011
You know how i love to experiment with shades,and sometimes playing with makeup is just one way of how i can mix and match different colors...anyway heres a few eye makeups that ive made using differrent shades of eyeshadows may it be powder,creams,pencils or gels..Hope you like them.



so there you guys have it,thats few of my 2010 eye looks..i remember when i was just starting to love makeup,i always browse blogs to look for different eye looks that'll fancy my mood..again Godbless and Thanks for what kind of eye looks do you prefer..neutrals,dramatics or fusions of different wearable shades

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herroyalbleakness said...

shobs, wow! i envy you for creating such diverse eye makeup. thay all look pretty! i especially love the purple gradient and the shadows above it (is it monochrome?).

~tHiAmErE~ said...

love the look,hun!
so elegantly timeless!

love the layout as well!

Pammy said...

I like the very first EOTD under the dramatic category. I wish I can apply eyeshadow like you do. :P

Camille(SHOBE) said...

herroyalbleakness-thanks sis!,i was once asking for the same thing,you can also do it!!no cream eyeshadow siya,yung home made ko..

THia-thanks thia,aw i love the timeless part well i love them all hehe

pammy-if youve seen my first eotd,it was so different compared to this bunch.i guess playing with them almost everyday payed off hehe

♥Nehs♥ said...

very nice, shobe! i missed ur makeup looks.

Tifa Mai said...

Wow!! Amazing look!! Especially that CRAZY looking one!! You are talented. :)

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