Review Week:Loreal Products

Monday, January 31, 2011
so for this week,i will be sharing my experiences,thus i'll make a review on L'oreal products that i have tried,and since i already published my review on some of them i will just insert a direct link on that particular post.

Disclaimer-all products were purchased by me,this is not a sponsored post,as i will also be doing a Review Week Posts on other Brands..
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I pay good attention to my skin,cause not only it serves as our body's first line of defence thus it is exposed to a lot of damaging stuff,but its also my personal canvas..I dont break out that easily,but whenever i stop doing my regimen lets say for a week..thats the time they pop out...
anyway i got curious about the estee lauders Advanced Night Repair,and since i have a bottle that was given to me by my aunt,and that time my skin was acting up really bad,plus it looks really tired and dehydrated..i gave it a try...

Price-Php 3150.00/30ml-Php 4500/50ml
Available at Rustans and Sm mall of Asia Marionnaud

Estee description:
The one formula beautiful skin can't live without.

This comprehensive, high-performance anti-aging serum-inspired by groundbreaking DNA research-brings your skin a dramatic reduction in the visible signs of aging.

Use it every day to help continuously repair the appearance of past damage, prevent future damage and deliver high levels of hydration.

If you want younger, healthier-looking skin now and in the future, don't go a night without it.

Even the best can get better. This advanced formula-with 20 patents worldwide-includes all the benefits you love about the original, plus more to help your skin repair itself like never before:

Exclusive Chronolux™ Technology
Repairs the appearance of past damage.
Addresses damaging effects before they become permanent.
You'll see a visible improvement in the signs of aging-specifically lines, uneven skintone and immediate hydration.

Enhanced Environmental Repair
Neutralizes up to 90%* of environmentally generated free radicals before they can affect skin's appearance.
That's key, because environmental assaults such as UV, smoke, pollution and even emotional stress are the #1 cause of premature signs of aging.
Our advanced technology repairs the appearance of damage caused by every major environmental assault.

Continuous Hydration
Creates the optimal environment for repair with nature's long-proven moisture magnet Hyaluronic Acid.
Clinical tests prove skin's levels of moisturization increase dramatically.
Soothes daily irritation and builds a rich anti-oxidant reserve to help replenish skin's natural protectants.
Think of it as "insurance" for younger, healthier-looking skin, today and tomorrow. - Estee Lauder

the first time that i used this serum,i felt glad that i dont have to use a 2 drops full of the serum for it to cover my entire face and neck.

serums consistency is inbetween gels and your normal serums which are often fluidy in factor that i really like about this one is that it feels very light and my skin quickly absorbs the product,without the sticky after feel

i usually apply this after i sleep,but whenever i want to give my skin an instant boost before i start my day out,i use a smaller amount of ANR before applying my makeup,cause even though i have an oily skin some makeup still tends to crack or leave on a patchy appearance,though i can correct that with layering or just smoothening it out,i find it easier to just apply ANR

heads up:i started using ANR mid year of 2010,but since i have my emu oil,i only used this when my skin really needs hydration and looks dull.and that rarely happens,but recently especially when i attended my review class,the stress and street dirt started to act up on my got all blotchy,bigger pores,and my skin was not as smooth as it was i decided to use ANR as my am/pm serum,along with my other skin care products,although most of the time i skipped using this during the day,when my skin feels juiced up.
Skin conditon-i dont have sensitive skin that is why i rarely break out from a product,combination to oily skin,dehydrated,somewhat obvious pores.

(click photo to enlarge)
  • day 15 of using ANR,true that after applying Anr my skin instantly absorbs the product,and just like that it feels smooth and hydrated,though thats the only beneficial thing that i noticed.
  • day18- skin looks plumped with moisture and less tired.
  • day23-i noticed that my pores are somehow getting smaller.
  • day26-it feels smoother and softer..i changed my regimen from using 5 products(evening) down to three,which are my facial wash,ANR,lipbalm.

the thing that i really like while im on ANR,is that not only it hydrates my skin but it doesnt make it oilier as well,plus the softness of my skin have improved,which is a plus factor for me,cause thats the outcome that i was looking for..a healthy looking,soft and plumped up skin..

  • Evens out my complexion
  • Rehydrates my skin
  • easily absorbs by my skin
  • after a few weeks my skin feels soft and it looks healthier*
  • Friends notices my skin looks smoother..
  • Brighter Complexion
  • i believe this is good for both dry and oily skin gals.
  • Nice packaging

  • The PRICE.

this is a great product for me,Estee lauder skincare line never fails to amaze me,though for the product to work it must be used continuously,although it claims instant result,it took me 3 weeks to notice a slight improvement,also spending that much for a 30 or 50ml bottle makes me think twice whenever i ran out of it.If you have the means to get the product i guess thats fine,but im still open for a lesser priced serum.Good thing i have a friend whos also an ANR fan so we tend to split the expenses.=D
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Today i went over my stash since i have to clean my traincase...i segregate my makeups according to their use..from primers,to tools,to bases,to lips and so on...and then i decided to just play with the stuff that i use on my clients,for no reason,i noticed that most of them came from a popular brands ,and my personal makeups are,well...they cost less than those so called high brands..

finished look:

  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel...(no SPF)
  • Cellnique Skin Purifying Daytime protection 20(this will serve as my base and it also have SPF 20.)
  • Estee Lauder Re Nutriv Ultimate lift Age eye Cream
  • Makeup Forever Concealer palette to neutralize those hideous eyebags of mine*blend it well,another worst thing on having dark under eye circles is making them look like they went into an eye tanning blend out those correctors.
  • Shu Uemuro Pro spot concealer,i use this to conceal my under eye circles.
  • for my brows i use the Smashbox brow tech in taupe(fell in love with it when Lourd made me use his,during a show)
  • Eyes:Estee lauder Shimmering Apricot(eyebase)
  • estee lauder Artists eye pencil in Soft smudge black(eyeliner)
  • Lancome HD mascara
  • Shiseido Maquillage UV lasting Foundation.(ample amount just to neutralize any imperfection but still thin enough to see the skins natural glow.
  • Guerlain Meteorites in mythic
  • Estee Lauder Sunset Coral Blush(with a light hand and a small head brush apply it just on the apple of your cheeks blending it outward)
  • Guerlain Kiss Kiss in Berry Pink..mixed with illamasqua 
and here is a close of up of the Look!..A light makeup for those who just wants to brighten up and add some color on those pale skin,just like mine.

Anyway if ever you have any request regarding makeups,looks and such,just email me or leave a comment on my facebook page(Facebook widget on the right side of my blog),and i will try my best to fulfill them.
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Orly Nail Polish in Toast The Couple

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Not far beyond Christmas I have received a gift coming from a very special lady...honestly i was touched by her gesture and i felt a bit ashamed of myself since i came there empty handed..anyway being the sweet lady that she is who am i to refuse such act. LOL.Thanks thanks sexy P <3

ORLY TOAST THE COUPLE(Dazzling Shimmers)

By diligently analyzing fashion trends and precisely custom-blending hues, ORLY has established a dynamic palette composed of subtle sheers, vivid crèmes, dazzling shimmers, smooth glitters and hot neons. Plus, each ORLY lacquer is free of DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde and features our award-winning Gripper Cap.

1 coat...

 2 coats

3 coats.

I love this shade cause its not as flashy as my other nail polishes, plus it will look great on any occasion, this nude-ish pastel pink shade nail polish is one of my favorite non flashy shade, that i have ever worn.

  • Doesnt Chip and very Durable
  • Dries Fast
  • Shade looks
  • Easy to Apply/nice consistency

  • Not locally Available
Oh and here are some of P's Nail Collection..from Orly to China Glaze to BNC's to OPI's and more!!

She's selling some of her brand new nail polishes as well..yeah you may call it de-cluterring. If you're interested just email me ^_^
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Makeup Review : Swatch - Milani Earthly Delights Eyeshadow

Monday, January 24, 2011
How i wish that Milani eyeshadows are available here, I just love how each shade in the palette compliment each other,plus the fact that each shades in this palette is pigmented enough to use even without a base.

Milani Earthly Delights.(warm shades of greens and olives.)

Almost all of them have shimmers,the upper right pan is the only matte eyeshadow on the quad palette.

Swatches.without any base

See how pigmented they are..

I made a simple look using this palette..without any base.

  • Pigmented
  • Inexpensive
  • Nice Shade Combination
  • Easy to blend
  • Not chalky(specifically this palette)

  • Not locally available.

  • Disclaimer : This makeup review is based solely on my experience with the product

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Swatch:Mac Stylishly Yours

Saturday, January 22, 2011
I was walking my way out of Rustans last thursday and this instantly caught my attention..
The Stylishly yours Collection from mac..the SA said that they just launched it this wednesday..i was a day late...
EDIT:A reader informed me that she already saw the collection last Jan15 so probably the SA mustve been confused at that time hehe.Thanks for informing me Anonymous=D description:
Madly chic women give a signature look major oomph & more modern momentum with a presto-change-o colour collection that’s always flawlessly fabulous. Play variations on a theme & be ready to double-dramatize how glamorous it is to be you!

Beauty Powders:
  • Too Chic Soft peachy cream with fine shimmer (Limited Edition)
  • Play It Proper Pastel soft pink with sparkles (Limited Edition)

  • Madly Personal Bright pink (Limited Edition)
  • New Fixation Bright fuchsia red with soft pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Follow Your Fancy Bright coral with small pearl Particle (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Violet Vivid bright violet purple(Permanent)

 TOP-VIRGIN ISLE-vivid bright coral (cream)
BOTTOM-MOVIE STAR RED-Medium tones blue red (cream)

TOP-MADLY MAGENTA-Vivid Pinkish purple (cream)
BOTTOM-TICKLE ME PINK– poppy creamy bright pink (cream)

last 2 bottom swatches -Something New – creamy bright blue pink (amplified) and Style Curve Lipstick-bright clean violet purple (Cremesheen)

Style Curve on my lips

whats my top picks?...
its the style curve and something new/Madly magenta and virgin isle/and lastly the violet pigment..

oh and by the way most shades are already SOLD OUT..they were the first one to release it so i guess they already anticipated that part.
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EOTN-Dark shades Olive

Friday, January 21, 2011
Seems like im neglecting,the greens and olives on my eyeshadow palette,i used to love this shade since it brings out the color of my eyes.

not too overly dramatic,is my kind of  night time eye makeup.

paired with any cherry colored lipstick...change your lipshade to a lighter hue and that'll transform the entire look to something fresh for a day wear.

my necklace used as a hair ornament

gave my face a slight contour.

more eyeshots
i missed doing the liner wing!!for the last 3 months i never touched my eye palettes,and yeah you can say that this is quite relieving for me to see.

keeping the liner as close to the lashline and as thin as possible

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How To: Tie A Tie(Full Windsor Method)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
So..i know that most of us knows how to make a knot,and we've been taught how to tie our shoes at an early age as well,but as an adult theres something new that we must know,that is somewhat related to tying..and that is...

learning how to tie a may already know the simple necktie method so here's another way to make those ties look..well neat!

  • put your tie in place.same as the first photo above.the narrow end,should be leveled at the middle part of the opposite tie side.
  • overlap them with the long tie side on top forming an X
  • Put the long tie side underneath the short tie placing it back to its original side.(straighten it sideways)
  • loop it on top of the short tie side,covering the folds

  • place the long tie side in between the tie's front collar part
  • Pull it
  •  wrap it underneath the knot placing it on the opposite side
  • Loosen the last wrap that youve made to make a small opening

  • Insert the long tie side inside the opening(1st and 2nd photo)
  • Pull the long tie side neatly,then tighten,and push the tie up
  • fold the Collar Down

and that is your full Windsor Method =D

Be sure to match your tie with your Shirt,on my model,i used a slanted design necktie though the polka dotted one looked much better when he had it on,the Chrome-ish,neutral squares and circles,Diamond design ones looks weird when paired with his shirt

its something i like to do for my Man..a small act of tying,means something more to them..thats what i believe..
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