Wednesday, December 22, 2010
HELLOOOO!!!!!wow...what did i missed?..how long was i gone...?sorry for the haiatus,anyway exams were finished and i am now back into blogging!!HELLLOOOO AGAIN!!! anyway,what have i been up to for the past few months was this....

yes..im reading my notes..gained tons of knowledge..

REVIEW!!had to put aside blogging and other stuff off my system.

got my first Hennah..looked sloppy..that was supposed to be a moon by the way.
 fooled around with my mom on papa's birthday

enjoyed watching sweaty boys playing basketball shouting and cheering for my team

Final Coaching

And met a lot of great people with great personalities

 they say i shed a few pounds..well watch me gain them back hehe

 and of course lets not forget the friends ive made...you see..i was a loner for a week,never knew any of them personally,but as days went by,they also came in..and made my days easier as if we've known each other since college..

 Some of my Groupies... The guy...he's Alvin..the Brain in our section..you ask him something,he'll answer it right away..with an additional rationale pa!..

 Dane..the super emo,super cornic,Heart throb dude,this person is uber corny that i cant even talk some serious stuff with him..well most of the time...but nevertheless i love this guy, a palaboy just like me!

 Karyl..ceu buds with dane,has a brother named Carlo who is also a reviewee..she introduced me to mendiola..a super fun,smart,and very down to earth lady. ^_^ thank you...i now visit St.Jude for novenas because of this gal.

Ada and Che..ceu friends of karyl, pretty girls,love this gals because they too are Kalog..and most of all very down to earth as well.

the ladies in our learning group..the small one.(lol) Faye..the gal with the itsy voice but super big heart..Jolly,and easy to get along with...The tall lady like one is Zel..often times she appears to be listening but then again...after a few minutes..she'll ask me..what was i talking about hehe, made me learned that Sleeping is okay as long as you know how to hide yourself using your long hair..the super cute gal with the big bag..she's Ate Ana..she also likes to talk and laugh,i love laughing with them,she loves the phrase.."I LIKE"..super fun to be with..

over all I'll definitely miss them,the people Ive met,the walks Ive made,the jokes that Ive heard,and the experience that is very much unforgettable..

 have Faith and just Believe,Hope but never expect,Dream and Visualize yourself,Be what you want to be..

a thought from me..just me and only me:
Never let others be the reason for your fall..instead make them just one factor that'll make you Rise..

4 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Camille said...

I also reviewed at Carl Balita and I passed! That was 2 years ago..
Anyway, Good Luck!=)

Mrs. Kolca said...

Welcome back dear. Wow, you've been through a lot of fun while learning or reviewing. Hope to read lots beauty blogs from you soon. Merry Christmas! :)

Jbreezybaby said...

wb shobs!good luck with ur nclex whenever you're goin to take it!!!!kaya yan ;)

Askmewhats said...

Shobe, great to read what's happening in your life !YOu did lose weight!! And goodluck on everything you do and I'm cheering you for a great 2011! :)

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