Review:Kryolan Derma Color Fixing Powder

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Waterproofs, sets and mattes Camouflage Cream
the tub is big!you may share it with your friend since i bet you wont be able to finish this yourself

Available Shades:(photo courtesy of

yeap!its white hehe.i have it in translucent.the good thing about this one is that its WATERPROOF!..okay i know what some of you are thinking..a waterproof powder??No it doesn't mean that its Swimming Proof..well haven't tried jumping into the pool with it though.But it did manage to withstand my Sweaty and oily face.=D,plus it mattifies my face quite well.

the powder is finely milled,compared to Kryolan anti shine the powder particles of dermacolor is finer.

when Blended..though its transluscent if not blended well it will leave an unnoticeable whitish cast...look closely and youll see  lower area looks a bit brighter/whiter than the upper part.

on my skin..

be sure to blend it well,so that you wont have an uneven neck and face color =D

with blush and lipstick.=D now im all ready to go on a humid day,with a sweat proof powder on.!
sometimes i prefer putting it first before my blush,but often times this is my last step on water proofing my makeup.

  • Comes in a very huge Tub(30 and 60g)
  • A little Goes a Long way
  • Wide Shade range
  • Locally Available
  • For its size its quite affordable
  • Holds makeup longer than my Smashbox primer and Model Co
  • Truly it is sweat proof.


  • if not blended well it will give you a whitish cast(transluscent),but still they have different shades for you skintone.

6 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Anonymous said...

how much and where is it available?

herroyalbleakness said...

this looks real nice shobe. im in love with urfp because of the way it just makes my face porcelain-smooth. but it isn't sweatproof like what you have here. and it kinda resembles the finish of my peaches n cream urfp!

Pammy said...

I want to try this! When I use up my Anti Shine, might try this. :P Thanks for the review.

Annie said...

ooh! interesting! where did you buy? :)

Camille(SHOBE) said...

anonymous-more or less 1300..i bought mine from a forum,but if youre in philippines you can find at at t.morato il terrazo if im not mistaken

herroyalbleaknes-up until today super curious ako sa URFP na yan,heard din from a lot of MMU users na maganda siya though i cant find one n hehe

Pammy-super laki ng anti shine noh!hehe goodluck sa pag ubos nito,i gave some sa hipag ko she calls it epektus hehe

Shopcoholic said...

this reminds me of my Ben Nye neutral set, it is also white and sweat proof din! =)

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