Product Swatch:Guerlain KissKiss Stick Gloss in Berry Pink 963

Thursday, November 18, 2010
i never knew that id have tons of lip products,since im really not a lip person,but hey,i thought,that on most days,im not wearing face makeup,and all i have on is my lipstick..and then im here is
one of the lip stuff that im recently loving!

(upside down photo=D)
A long lasting, ultra shine lip stick Provides vibrant colors Sensual texture for comfortable wear Makes lips feel smooth, soft & supple Lips look fuller and amp; more seductive

i always adore makeups with elegant and classy packaging,and guerlain is definitely one of them..

shade is in berry pink 963,i think they have 3 more shades..but do correct me if im wrong...

here is the stick gloss...pretty pinkish shade right?

and since this is still just a gloss,it doesnt give me the same pigmented finish as my lipsticks.

with Flash..sorry for the sweats upper lips =D

 love it cause it doesnt dry out my lips plus the shades subtle enough for everyday wear =D

5 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Monika Dubska said...

That color lipstick looks so sweet!!


Monica ♥

Penelope said...

It's such a pretty colour on you! Love it!

Camille(SHOBE) said...

Monica-yeah it does,its very moisturizng on the lips as well..

penelope=thanks since got to love subtle lipshades hehe

Pammy said...

Shobe, that shade looks really pretty! :P And a plus that it's moisturizing too!

Shopcoholic said...

ang ganda ng color Shobe!

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