Mac Browset in Beguile

Tuesday, November 02, 2010
MAC Brow Set is a unique tinted brow gel that grooms and sets brows (or other facial hair) in place while adding some shine and subtle color.  The formula lasts a long time with no flaking, and really holds brows in place.

Beguile (a pale brown with a gray undertone)
Girl Boy (a pale brown like Beguile, but with a more red/pink undertone)
Show-Off (a darker, combined version of Beguile and Girl Boy)

swatch..just like girlboy it has micro shimmer.

a soft eyebrow makeup using blonde shade of in2it and mac beguile brow set.i dont have think brows and theyre not that thick either ,so if i want to give my face a very soft look i use the lightest shade of in2it's brow powder paired with mac browsets.

heres my bare eyebrows again...yeah it looks better now,compared to my last mac brow set review(girlboy) hehe.
my brows with mac beguile and in2it brow powder

some doesnt like that it has shimmers on it,but from afar its really not that noticeable on me.I tried this on my friend who have thick brows and it suits her,without any brow powder on,it tamed and softened her brows which made her gaga over brow sets.hehe

Close up on how it looks like on my does have bits of shimmers,but thats not a bad thing for me since its not that noticeable when i  brush it off with a spoolie.i always use a seperate spoolie rather than using the spoolie from the browset..

see what i mean..shimmers not that noticeable...on this photo i used a darker shade of brow powder

just be sure to not overload the product on your brows,cause it'll look too odd and off.

  • Effective in taming strayed brows plus gives you a soft looking brows
  • Beguile is a bit darker than girlboy,and it gives off more color on my brows.
  • One tube will last you a long time
  • Can be used as a Mascara
  • Doesnt Flake

  • It has this weird smell..that i cant explain
the Spoolie of the mac brow set holds a lot of product when you pull it out and when i tried to use it on my brows it kinda stained the skin outside my brows,it dries kinda fast so i had to wipe it with a makeup remover,to AVOID product overload on your brows try using another SPOOLIE..DONT dip it inside the bottle..You just have to brush the Mac browset's Spoolie on your Clean/Spare Spoolie until you get your desired amount then use that on your brows,that way you'll save more product plus its hygienic and you'll avoid staining

3 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Askmewhats said...

very natural ha! :)

Anonymous said...

how much mac beguile :)

Shopcoholic said...

mas gusto ko din si Beguile compared to Girlboy! hehe

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