Loreal Paris Black Foam facial Wash and White Perfect Moisturizing Day Cream

Saturday, November 20, 2010
So look what i just got...Loreal's Men expert Charcoal Black Foam Facial Wash and Loreal white perfect day Cream..

they were housed inside a very classy gold paper box..

heres a little info on white perfect:

and black foam..
mr R started using this one a few days ago..and he is liking the product so well..He told me he likes how clean his face feels after every wash..and how it washes oils and makes his blackheads much easier to extract..

anyway if you havent seen their contest regarding this two yet,here it is again with some additional reminders from them..
campaign will be extended till 1st week of december

Just some reminders for the contests:
-          Don’t forget to tag their facebook pages to maximize exposure of your entries
-          Please post the following URL’s to your entries and features =)

for my previous post bout this:

2 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Sara.H said...

Loreal has always been my favorite when it comes to skin care :) thanks for sharing.

bibzki said...

got the white perfect cream in the mail today :)

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